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G2 misuratori THE VALUE OF METERING SMART METERS QDFU Smart Meter Direct reading smart meter with data transmission via radio frequency 868 Mhz, with the protocols listed below. -Counter with radio module Mod. QDFU-R-CLW LoRaWAN protocol for fixed network and LoRa for Walk-by/Drive-by -Counter with radio module Mod. QDFU-R-WMB W-Mbus OMS protocol for Walk-by/Drive-by -Counter with radio module Mod. QDFU-R-W+L LoRaWAN protocol for fixed network and LoRa for Walk-by/Drive-by + W-Mbus OMS protocol for Walk-by/Drive-by: the system automatically switches between fixed network and Walkby/Drive-by protocols Single jet meter, protected rollers with fully protected dry dial, with mechanical transmission, with DN 15-20 R 250H 160V, DN25-32-40 R200HR100V, UO-D0, T50 Inductive transmission between mechanical and electronic parts. Radio module can be replaced All models are MID-approved according to the applicable directive All models are certified for use with drinking water according to D.M. 174 of 6/4/2004 Transmitted consumption data, net compensated for any reverse flows Multi-level cryptographic data security Transmitted data: sensor ID, consumption data, hardware status, alarms, battery level, leaks Data security via multi-level encryption Modification of configuration data possible from fixed network remotely and/or via radio terminal Resin-coated IP 68 module f

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QDFU Smart Meter - 2

SMART METERS Technical data meter mechanical part DN in mm - inches Permanent flow rate Q3 (m³/h) Overload flow rate Q4 (m³/h) Transitional flow Q2 with measuring range R200H [MPE ±2%] (l/h) Minimum flow rate Q1 with measuring range R200H [MPE ±5%] (l/h) Sensitivity with R200H measuring range (l/h) Accuracy class Environmental class Pressure loss class ΔP (bar) Maximum permissible operating pressure MAP (bar) 1) Length of meter without fittings (mm) Length of meter including fittings (mm) 2) Maximum overall height (mm) 3) Maximum overall diameter (mm) 4) Distance between pipe and meter...

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