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G2 misuratori THE VALUE OF METERING THERMO portable ❑ Infrared technology frontal thermometer for instant VERIFICATION of body temperature without contact ❑ Ideal for checking people's temperature during access to facilities where it is necessary to give a PASS - DO NOT PASS to authorise entry. ❑ Portable" model with read-out button and display indication of temperature and access status. ❑ Product conforms to EC directive according to EMC directive electromagnetic compa

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Mod. THERMO „Portable“ - 2

THERMO Portable Technical specifications Portable version Power supply Consumption Detection time Emissivity Measurement accuracy Sensing distance Measuring range Operating temperature Dimensions Weight Display Power off 9V - 6LR61 battery (battery excluded) < 200 mW 2 sec Displayed for 5 sec Fixed 0.98 +/- 0,2 °C 3-5 cm 30 – 50 °C 15-35 °C 40x155x45 mm 115 g incl. battery Liquid crystals 64x48 px single-colour automatic skin contact not required; simply place the thermometer close to the forehead at the distance indicated to take the temperature Suitable for access control in Companies,...

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