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G2 misuratori THE VALUE OF METERING Mod. QDFM-R200H,R63V Multi-jet turbine straight reading meter, temperature classes T30 and T50 Mod. QDFM-R200H,R63V, LIQUID FILLED SEALED counter, FULLY PROTECTED DRY dial, mechanical transmission, measuring range R200H,R63V, for turbid water U0-D0: straight pipe not required upstream or downstream the meter All models can be customised with a serial number and its relevant barcode indelibly engraved on the dial All models are MID approved according to the current European Directive (module B+D) and in compliance with the norms EN 14154, ISO 4064 and OIML R49, reaching an R (Q3/Q1) ≤ 315H/63V All models are certified for use with water for human consumption, according to the D.M. 174 of 6/4/ 2004 in compliance with European Directive 98/83 CE (Drinking Water Directive) All models, on request, can be supplied pulsed output or preset for r

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Mod. QDFM-R200H,R63V - 2

Liquid filled sealed counter, fully protected dry dial temperature classes T30 & T50 QDFM DN 15 / 20 / 25 / 32 / 40 / 50 R from 40H to 315H R from 40V to 63V to be specified when ordering Technical data- DN in mm-inches Permanent Flow Rate Q3 (m³/h) Max. flow rate for short period Q4 (m³/h) Transitional flow rate Q2 at measuring range R200H [MPE ±2%] (l/h) Min. flow rate Q1 with measuring range R200H [MPE ±5%] (l/h) Starting flow at measuring range R200H (l/h) Accuracy class Environmental class Pressure loss class ΔP Max allowed working pressure MAP (bar) Dial register from /to (m³) 1)...

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