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Water and heat meters COMPACT2 DN 15 e DN 20  Compact electronic heatmeter, suitable for heat consumption measurements for central heating/cooling applications, and for hot water production sites Mid Directive 2014/32/EU, annex MI004 Accuracy class EN 1434 Class 2 Electromagnetic Class E1/Mechanical class M1 Electronic Unit Protection Class IP65 The meter is made of 03 main units: ultrasonic flow sensor, split electronic unit (85cm), pair of temperature sensors (1 inserted in the body, 1 loose) Bi-directional inductive detection (reverse flow) and air presence Powered by 3V lithium battery (replaceable), estimated duration of 10 years depending on environmental/working conditions or preset for external electrical power; Possible installation on delivery pipes through software configuration Available version for high temperature for district heating (130°max) Options: M-bus EN1434-3 output + 3 pulsed inputs for cold and hot water meters M-bus EN1434-3 output Wireless M-bus output 868Mhz OMS + 3 pulsed inputs for cold and hot water meters Double pulsed output energy/volume (only heating version) or energy/energy (heating/cooling version) Double recording for cooling/heating consumption Power 230V or 24V Accessories: TEE couplings 1/2” 3/4” for wet mounting TEE couplings with ball valve 5mm F/F 1/2” 3/4” for wet mounting Kit of couplings (2 nuts/2 tailpieces/2 gaskets) 1/2” x 3/4” / 3/4” x 1” Y strainer 1/2” 3/4” Wireless M-Bus EN 13757 4 selectable modes Compliance to OMS standard Transmission Power Encryption AES 128 bit Telegrams (to be chosen from) Transmission interval (configurable) Transmission period (configurabile) Weekdays (configurable) Weeks Months Radio activation date Minimum battery lifetime S1/T1*: unidirectional S2/T2: bidirectional OMS Spec Vol2 Primary v301 (short telegram) -5 dBm, 0 dBm, +9 dBm AES: Advanced Encryption Standard Key length: 128 bit (set and configurated for each instrument)* Short telegram* energy (heat/cooling, pulse input 1, pulse input 2), total volume, flow, power, hint flag, return flow temperature, temperature difference* Long telegram Energy (heat/cooling, pulse input 1, pulse input 2), hint flag, 15 monthly values 2 minutes* - 240 minutes 00:00 - 24:00 / 7:00 - 19:00* Monday –Sunday / Monday - Friday* 1 – 4* 1 – 12* Not set* (settable by the selection key or by configuration optical kit) 7 years (+3 according to the interval of data transmission) * factoring settings Continuous development of our products may necessitate changes without prior notice – 09/17 G2 misuratori S.r.l. Via San Martino, 38 – 14100 ASTI (AT) – ITALY Telefono +39.0141.727749 – Telefax +39.0141.702280 E-mail: – Http:// Filiale Centro-Sud Via Fontanelle, 3 – 00020 RIOFREDDO (RM) – ITALY Telefo

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Water and heat meters COMPACT2 DN 15 e DN 20 0,6 Nominal flow rate qp Starting flow when installed horizontally Starting flow when installed vertically Minimum flow rate qi Maximum flow rate qs Head loss Δp at qp Head loss Δp at qs nominal size Threads Lengths Dynamic range qi/qp Precision class (MID) nominal Pressure PN Temperature range -heating Temperatura range - cooling (qp 1,5 e qp 2,5) Installation Flow sensor 3 m /h l/h l/h l/h 3 m /h bar bar mm inches mm Electronic counter Temperature range -heating °C 0-150 Temperatura range - cooling (qp 1,5 e qp °C 0-50 2,5) Temperature of...

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