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Wonder Electric Newsletter - 2

Wonder PM Motor for Circular Knitting Machine For textile enterprises, the energy consumption level of equipment has always been one of the most concerned indicators. In order to help save the total cost of textile factories, Wonder has designed a new serie of PM synchronous motor for knitting machine, which has been officially put on the market! Wonder WST series PM synchronous motor has achieved IE5 and IE4 efficiency level. With the expansion of production scale and production time, the energy efficiency gap between PM motors and normal motors will lead to huge cost difference. Under the...

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Wonder Electric Newsletter - 3

Wonder Motors for Mining and Stone Machinery For Double Blade Stone Quarrying Machine •Rated Output Power: 30kW-90kW. •Poles: 4 pole, 6 pole •Wide voltage and high efficiency. Customization service of overall dimensions, protection class, bearings, etc. From mining to stone processing, the working environment of the stone industry puts forward strict requirements on the performance of stone machinery. As the driving unit of the equipment, the motors designed and produced by Wonder have a series of remarkable technical advantages, such as high starting torque, strengthen shaft and bearing,...

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Wonder Electric Newsletter - 4

Page 03 The machines for stone processing have higher requirements on the reliability and safety , so as to reduce the total production cost of the factory. Wonder three-phase motors have the advantages of low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise, long bearing life time, while achieving compact structure and higher output power density. For the stone industry, Wonder has a mature product line of high efficiency motors. Welcome to contact Wonder for more information! For Automatic Continuous Polishing Machine •Rated Output Power: 7.5kW-15kW •Pole: 4 pole •Compact structure. Flange and...

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Wonder Electric Newsletter - 5

Group Express On November 12, Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the circular economy demonstration pilot park and enterprises list. Dayu Precision Casting of Wonder Group was selected. As a casting enterprise of Wonder Group, Dayu Precision Casting mainly produces gray and ductile iron casting, which are widely used in general machinery industries. In the process of production, management and circulation, Dayu Precision Casting always carries out the reduction and reuse of resources. High efficiency and energy saving have always been the operation...

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