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LOCAL EXTRACTOR MiniTEX 1100, 1500 Flexible, telescopic local extractor with the market’s lowest pressure drop. The FUMEX local extractor MiniTEX, with lengths of 1.1 m and 1.5 m, is a telescopic local extractor e.g. for laboratories that require a compact extractor with a very low pressure drop. MiniTEX is equipped with gas springs to balance the weight of the arm. Its adjustable telescopic function, moveable angle joint and 360º swivel, along with the flexible suction unit, gives a local extractor that is both easily moved and has stable positioning. FUMEX always designs its local extractors with external support arms, which ensures a natural and linear airflow. This gives a low pressure drop and a low risk of blockage. With the special telescopic function, the MiniTEX has a much lower pressure drop than conventional suction arms. Therefore, it is exceptionally suitable when there is a need for a low pressure drop in the extraction system. The MiniTEX can also be equipped with different hoods, which further increase the extraction efficiency. The joints and telescopic function can be simply adjusted from the outside. The smooth tubes eases internal cleaning of the extraction duct. The arm is supplied complete with an airtight damper. The FUMEX MiniTEX is available in designs for ceiling- or wall mounting. Also included in the Fumex range are fans, accessories, automatic controls and filters suitable for the local extractor

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Static pressure drop (Pa) The market's lowest pressure drop The low pressure drop gives many benefits The MiniTEX has a linear airflow, without internal components to obstruct the air stream. At the same time, the telescopic function permits a relatively high air velocity in the suction nozzle. For most types of laboratories, a diameter of Ø75 mm and an airflow of 40 l/s (150 m³/h) is recommended. This airflow provides a sufficiently large air volume to evacuate the air pollutants that arise. MiniTEX, with Ø75 mm, provides a static pressure drop of only 110 Pa at 40 l/s (150 m³/h), while at the...

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Range and recommended mounting height for MX 1100-75 and MX 1100-100 Range and recommended mounting height for MX 1500-75 and MX 1500-100 Working radius Working radius Maximum radius Maximum radius To optimize the usability of the extractor, the above mentioned mounting heights, and sideways displacements from the workplace, are recommended. Applicable areas of use Dimension Laboratories, Schools, Science Lecture Rooms Laboratories, Light Industry - Gluing - Solvents - Hard soldering - Light welding/TIG Pressure drop diagram Static pressure drop (Pa) The static pressure drop is measured in...

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Ceiling mounting Wall mounting MTI CT-125 Covering plate, used together with the ceiling bracket, MTI, for stabilization and also to cover the hole through the false ceiling. *weight excluding the bracket The metal hood is used for work in tougher environments.. Capture of hot gases, dust spray, etc. Dome hood ØA(mm) Weight (g) 75 140 100 140 Metal hood Designation MM 250 MM 251 Ceiling mounting Ceiling mounting Flat screen hood ØA(mm) Weight (g) 75 275 100 275 100 400 The dome hood is used to cover the source of contamination effectively, without blocking the line of sight. Available in Ø...

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