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EXTRACTION ARMS MEX AA Telescopic local extractor for extraction of fumes from atomic absorption processes MEX AAR The MEX AA available in either round Ø250 mm (AAR) or rectangular 500x250 mm (AAF) hood design is especially developed to take care of polluted air at a high temperature e.g. from an atomic absorption unit. The hood and all components that are at risk of coming into contact with hot air are made from stainless steel EN 1.4404, (316 L). The wall bracket is made from powder coated mild sheet steel. The vertical telescopic movement is 440 mm. The extractor is standard designed for wall mounting. The wall bracket is adjustable horizontally. As an option a ceiling mounting bracket can be supplied. For connection to the ventilation duct a 1.5 m long flexible hose, with a maximum temperature resistance of 250 °C, is delivered with the extractor. The telescopic movement is created by two sliding rings made of teflon for heat resistance and a locking device to ensure that the hood stays in the intended vertical position.

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Wall mounting Optional solution for installation with ceiling bracket. The ceiling bracket TIX A up to 1500 mm. Adjustable 222 mm Telescopic movement 428 mm Adjustable 222 mm Telescopic movement 428 mm Static pressure drop (Pa) To avoid damage and other inconveniencies on material further down the airstream it is recommended to extract a proportionately large volume of ambient room air to reduce the temperature of the extracted air. Example - Air from the atomic absorption unit - Room air - Mixed air (extracted air) Tube, hood and brackets MEX AA is made from stainless steel EN 1.4404, (316...

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