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EXTRACTION ARMS Extraction arm for laboratory environments with clean design and market-leading low pressure drop

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With its optimal design, FUMEX ME has many valuable advantages: • Market-leading low pressure drop • Energy-saving design • Flexible and positionally stable • Tight-fitting damper • Low noise level • Low risk of disruptive noise • Easy to combine with other extractors in the same system Optimal design with low pressure drop offers many advantages The unique design of the FUMEX ME extractor joint structure combines maximum flexibility with a low pressure drop. ME is the optimal local extractor for all types of laboratory environments, hair salons and light industrial applications, such as s

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Lockable step-adjustable rotary control for damper Tight-fitting damper Single-grip tension knob for easy positioning Joint design with the lowest pressure drop on the market Patented friction design for optimum stability Hoods and suction nozzles for all needs Well thought through and proven design for optimal function Patented friction design FUMEX ME’s patented friction design gives a positionally stable arm with smooth and flexible function and a market-leading low pressure drop. User friendly FUMEX ME is very user friendly and can also be completely folded away from the work area when...

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Suitable for evacuating most types of airborne contaminants, e.g. in laboratories, schools, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, hair salons and light industrial applications. Used primarily for evacuating very corrosive airborne contaminants in high concentrations, e.g. in certain laboratories and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. ME STD has polypropylene joints and thin-wall anodised aluminium tubes. ME PP has polypropylene joints and tubes. All metal parts that come into contact with the airflow are made of stainless steel. Ceiling bracket MTI for ME PP is available with...

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Choose FUMEX ME for the best combination of accessories for every situation, enabling you to create the optimal local extractor for evacuating hazardous airborne gases and particles. Suitable for evacuating airborne contaminants in environments where there is a need to avoid the risk of spark formation and where products need to be ESD-certified for use, e.g. the electronics industry. Suitable for evacuating airborne contaminants in ATEX-classified environments, e.g. in laboratories, the chemical and petrochemical industries, gas distribution, and the paint- and pharmaceutical industries....

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What is your need? Three dimensions and three standard brackets for different needs and applications FUMEX ME is available in the dimensions Ø50/75/100 mm in lengths between 650–2,650 mm. Ceiling/wall/table brackets are available as standard, with ceiling brackets functioning as an exhaust duct. ME facilitates many different types of needs, both in terms of use and installation. For stylish and functional installations, there are extension kits and cover plates as well as a wide range of hoods and suction nozzles. The market’s most complete local extractor.

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Suitable for work environments and work requiring relatively small airflows. Activity Recommended airflow Hair salons Optimal capture A standard solution suitable for most work environments. Suitable where needs vary. For optimal use of the local extractor, it is important to use the flexibility of the extractor to get as close to the contaminant as possible. A good rule of thumb is a distance of 2–3 times the diameter of the local extractor tube. Then the local extractor (at the recommended airflow) gives a continued high efficiency even when there are disruptions in the environment....

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Support for design Reach (m) At the recommended mounting height. ME 1000 ME 1300 ME 1500 ME 2000 Max. working radius Max. radius ME 1150 ME 1350 ME 1650 ME 1900 ME 2100 ME 2650 Max. working radius Max. radius Recommended mounting height (mm) Recommended side displacement (mm) Mounting height* and side displacement To optimise the reach of the extractor, the following mounting heights and side displacement are recommended relative to the work area. * Based on a working height of 900 mm.

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Product sheet ME_EN - 9

Side displacement FUMEX ME Design tool and CAD drawings Support for designing your unit is available at There you will find our reach configurator (Design tool) and CAD drawings for download.

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Product sheet ME_EN - 10

Version and dimensional drawing MET (Ceiling/Wall) With an internal mechanical spring or external gas spring (depending on model), for ceiling and wall mounting. Excluding bracket. * Two joints. ** Including external gas spring. *** Includin

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MEB (Table) With an internal mechanical spring or external gas spring (depending on model), for table mounting. MEB * Two joints. ** One joint with Flexible suction nozzle (MEFS 600-50ES) fitted. *** Includi

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Product sheet ME_EN - 12

Brackets FUMEX ME’s ceiling and wall brackets are designed for maximum stability with a stylish design. The special extruded anodised aluminium profiles have a unique concave design specially adapted to ensure perfect function and professional installation. No joints regardless of length, and great flexibility for special adjustments. The brackets are available in different versions to suit all ME designs. MCT Cover plate for clean installation. See accessories on the last page. Standard: Anodised aluminium, powder-coated metal parts (white), polypropylene duct connection. L (painted...

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Product sheet ME_EN - 13

Ceiling bracket for mounting through e.g. floor structure with duct connection at the top. The attachment plate is adjustable along the entire length of the aluminium tube. If required, the aluminium profile can be cut during fitting. Dimensions (mm) B For special orders, wall bracket length can be customised both horizontally and vertically. Flexible table bracket MBF Flexible bracket for attachment to a tabletop or shelf. Supplied complete with two screw clamps. Also available in ESD/ATEX version. * Only suitable for MEBC 700-50ES; see table on page 11 for version

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