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Portable filter with numerous areas of use and flexible solutions for temporary work. Fumex LF is an effective and flexible solution including a fan and filter in a single unit. LF includes a FF 100 fan with a highlyefficient EC motor, equipped with speed control as well as a filter. The filter comes in two designs and in two sizes - combined particle/gas filter or gas filter. LF is available as s complete kit solution, in six designs for simple selection and installation. The FF 100 fan can be used separately e.g. in combination with Fumex series laboratory extractors. The Fumex range also includes fans, accessories, automatic controls and filters suitable for local extraction. Pure advantages

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Complete LFK kits for flexible solutions and simple installation. All kits come complete with hoses, connectors and accessories. Each arm is equipped with a damper for individual airflow adjustment. The FF 100 fan has an EC motor with potentiometer for speed control, which makes it easy to continuously adjust the ventilation according to airflow requirements.

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Our LFK kits contain ME arms with low pressure drop and high flexibility Lowest possible pressure drop is a quality aspect that always should be considered. With its uniquely designed joint construction, Fumex ME combines maximum flexibility with low pressure drop. The air passes through the joints without creating unnecessary turbulence, thus producing an energy-saving low pressure drop and a quieter working environment. For further information and technical data regarding ME or accessories refer to the ME brochure available at

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SPEED CONTROL FAN FF 100/230 FF 100/115 The efficient EC motor with integrated speed control allows for variable airflow. The fan’s optimized design provides superior performance with maximum pressure. Connects easily to singlephase electrical connectors. Can also be used as a separate unit in combination with wall-bracket LF VK and Fumex series laboratory arms. FF 100 available for 200-240V, 50-60Hz or 100-130V, 5060Hz. PORTABLE FILTER UNIT WITH FAN LF 50PG/230 Particle/Gas filter LF 50G/230 Gas filter LF 50PG/115 Particle/Gas filter LF...

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�ccessories BRACKET LF VK Compatible with the FF 100 fan, for wall or ceiling. mounting. A specially designed sleeve to enable the filtered air to be vented to atmosphere, e.g. connection to a existing duct system.Only available for FC 50 / FHC 50 5 Ø12 DOME HOOD MEK 350-50 (Ø50 mm) MEK 350-75 (Ø75 mm) The clear dome hood is suitable for lighter gasses with a wider dispersal of contaminants without blocking the user’s vision. FLAT SCREEN HOOD MEPH 300-50 (Ø50 mm) MEPH 300-75 (Ø75 mm) The flat screen hood is designed to maxi ise the working area m without obscuring...

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Health aspects Particles from fume and dust. Some particles from substances such as quartz can enter and remain in the lungs. Other particles can enter the blood stream and are transported to other organs and areas of the body. If the fume for instance includes lead the particles can enter the alveolus in the lungs and then transferred to the blood stream and can be transported to the skeleton. Vapour from solvents (VOC). Nearly all solvents are Volatile Organic Compounds or liquids. They are used in a many every day applications, such as component cleaning, degreasing, and to dissolve...

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Static pressure drop (Pa) Performance LF 100 Airflow Motor 230V Motor 115V Weight Noise level (1 m) Max temperature Verkstadsvägen 2, 931 61 SKELLEFTEÅ Skellefteå : Tel : 0910-361 80, Fax 0910-130 22 info@fumex.s

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