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EXHAUST NOZZLES Exhaust nozzles for all types of vehicles with manual or automatic disconnection Fumex has a complete line of exhaust extraction products, adapted to work with stationary vehicles as well as moving vehicles. For passenger cars, the nozzle is manufactured completely in rubber to protect the vehicle. For trucks and construction equipment nozzles are manufactured completely in rubber but also in a combination of metal and rubber. We also offer a complete product offering with branch connections and quick disconnect features. The Fumex range also includes fans, accessories and filters suitable for extractor points EXHAUST NOZZLE Pure advantage

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Complete Fumex range of exhaust nozzles for vehicle exhaust fumes. Oval rubber nozzle AM 170 & AM 200 AGP rubber nozzle for cars with oval connector, can be connected to a single or dual exhaust pipe, up to 100x 200 mm. The nozzle has a built in hose break protection. Can be affixed using pliers or clamp, co-outlet has a diameter of 22 mm. Temp. range: -40 ° C to +150 ° C Weight: approx. 1.1-2.4 kg - AM without damper - AMS with tight-fitting damper Item number AIM Nozzle for built-in or concealed exhaust systems The AIM nozzle can be connected to single or dual exhaust pipes. EPDM-coated...

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Complete Fumex range of exhaust nozzles for vehicle exhaust fumes. Pneumatic rubber sleeve, APM/APMO The pneumatic nozzle is connected to the exhaust pipe by blowing compressed air into the sleeve which attaches to the pipe. Temp. range: -30 °C to +150 °C (APM), +200 °C (APMO). Max air pressure to sleeve: 0.8 bar. Oval nozzle APMO Item No. APM 811A APM 812A APM 813A APM 814A APM 815A APM 816A APM 817A APM 818A For manual disconnection Item No. Sleeve in reinforced EPDM rubber. Complete with 45° pipe curve in metal, 0.75 m hose and slide valve. APM 811M APM 812M For fitting to ASE/ASEM hose...

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Complete Fumex range of exhaust nozzles for vehicle exhaust fumes. Branch connection for double exhaust pipes. The branch pipe is made from electrogalvanised steel. AG hose: Flame-retardant, crushable, suitable for vehicle exhaust fumes. Complete with hose clamps. 1m hose per branch. Weight: 1.5-3.0 kg Made from electrogalvanised steel. Complete with lifting handle and impact protection. Rubber funnel in reinforced rubber cloth. Temp. range: -30 °C to +150 °C Weight: approx. 8 kg APMM Rubber Sleeve APMM APMOM Rubber Sleeve APMOM ASK hose break protection ASK Replacement sleeve for APM...

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