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Oil mist filter FUMEX OF is an oil mist filter for airflows ranging from 400m3/h to 8,000m3/h, with 2- and 3- stage filtration. FUMEX OF is used for the filtration of oil and emulsion mist created through, for example, cutting processes such as lathe turning, milling, drilling, wet grinding and spark suppression (not oil smoke). The OF Filter is built in accordance with the modular principle. The system can therefore easily be expanded with additional modules as needs change. The filter is available with- or without a fan. The filter is very user-friendly and requires little maintenance. All filters feature easyto-read pressure drop meters as standard for every filter unit, these will show when it is time to change the filter. All filters are equipped with an outlet for drainage. The oil can be fed back to the machine or collected in a container. The units can be used together with Fumex control equipment with motorised dampers and automatic controls, which serve to optimise filtration. Air and heat can be fed back to the facility, which allows for reusable energy. The Fumex product line also includes fans, accessories, automatic controls, and filters Clear advantages

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Schematic drawing Oil mist filter OF connected to a lathe equipped with an automatic damper. The fan’s rotational speed is adjusted by a pressure sensor and a frequency converter. This type of control makes it possible to maintain a needsadjusted airflow from the lathe with 0.1m/s in the slot opening with the door closed and approx. 0.5m/s in the opening with the door open. A switch in the lathe door sends a signal to the control unit (S 400) to open or close the motorised damper (SAS-160) and to send a signal to the frequency converter, which by means of a pressure sensor (ST 300) detects...

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Fumex OF-filter intended for oil mist Oil mist is usually comprised of large particles consisting of drops of oil or water emulsion. Oil mist is generated when coolant is sprayed on rotating parts during lathing, milling and drilling in metal. Filter efficiency The oil mist filter delivers a very high rate of filtration due to the combination of effective prefilter and a HEPA filter as an end filter. The first filter separates large particles and droplets. The next filter separates out the majority of the oil mist. The end filter, which is a so-called HEPA filter, separates out the finest...

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Motor output Motor output Filter housing Filter housing in powder-coated sheet metal Surface treatment of sheet metal pieces Powder coating Cartridge filter, fibreglass material Extension leg 0.2m for OF 400-600 Extension leg 0.4m for OF 400-600 Extension leg 0.5m for OF 1000-8000 The filter is delivered assembled. Verkstadsvagen 2, 931 61 SKELLEFTEÅ, Sweden Skelleftea: Tel. 0910-361 80, Fax 0910-13022 info@f

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