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FUME CABINET 400, 700 Fume cabinets for environments where maximum extraction efficiency is required. Fume cabinet for work with open chemical vessels, setup of chemical apparatus, gluing, etc. where several sources of contamination are present. FUMEX fume cabinets are manufactured with transparent sheets and stable aluminium framing, and thus do not block the work area. It is also easy to move when tasks and locations vary. The DSK 400 and DSK 700 are produced in two standard sizes. Special sizes and designs available upon request. Fumex also offers a range of fans, accessories, automatic control devices and filters for our local extractors. LOCAL EXTRACTOR Pure advantage

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400, 700 Example of alternative placement Example of alternative placement 4.00 mm Vivak PETG sheets Anodised aluminium frame Connected to separate fan or mobile filter type LF 70. Standard configuration Fume cabinet delivered partially assembled. Exhaust air connection mounted at rear. For alternative placement, specify when ordering.

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