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MOBILE FILTER Cleanable mobile filter unit for industrial production

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CMF – a cleanable mobile filter unit for industrial production The FUMEX CMF is a cleanable mobile filter unit with built-in fan and top mounted extraction arm for the cleaning of dust laden and polluted air in ventilated full-scale workshop environments. The filter unit has been developed according to ISO 15012-1 for welding safety products.

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Three different models The filter unit is available in three different models. Depending on the model you choose, the filter cartridge is cleaned with different methods: The filter cartridge filters more than 99% of smoke and dust contamination from the welding of high-alloy steels, such as steel with a nickel and chromium content of 30% or higher. • CMF 10 - with manual cleaning • CMF 20 - with motorised cleaning • CMF 30 - with motorised and pneumatic cleaning During cleaning, the dust particles that detach from the filter fall into the dust collector. Low flow audible alarm When the air...

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Efficient filter The filter cartridge with a 14m2 filter surface is a high performance BICO filter made from polyester with a PTFE membrane, providing a penetration efficiency level of 0.01% according to EN-60335-2-69. A protective plate in the filter housing protects the filter cartridge from sparks and large particles. HEPA filter as an accessory For applications and work environments with extra high filtration requirements, there is a supplementary high-efficiency HEPA filter (class 14).

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Three models. Three cleaning methods. CMF 10 Filter unit with manual cleaning and analogue control panel. Manual cleaning The filter cartridge is rotated with a crank over two brushes in the lower part of the filter housing. The brushes remove loose dust particles stuck to the filter medium. The control panel has an indication lamp for operation and a counter. On each side there are handles to control the filter unit when moving it and which are also usable surfaces. As standard, beneath the control panel of the filter unit is a START/STOP switch for the fan and a 5 metre 3-phase 400V...

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Model programme = Included as standard Feature Manual cleaning Motorised cleaning Motorised & pneumatic cleaning Analogue counter for operating hours Indicator light for operation Audible alarm Master switch High efficiency BICO polyester filter with PTFE membrane Filter brushes for manual cleaning Protective plate for filter Extraction arm PRF 3000-160 START/STOP for motorised cleaning via display Operating indication via display Power socket 1-phase 230V for hand tools with automatic START/STOP Counter for operating hours via display Airflow indicator Indicator for filter replacement via...

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Accessories Filter Cartridge CFS 140W3 Filter cartridge for use during normal loads in ISO 15012-1 systems for safety during welding. The filter consists of a corrugated polyester material coated with a PTFE membrane that is protected by expanded metal on the inside. For contactless filter replacement, Filter Bag CFE PCW3 is included when purchasing the CFS 140W3. Protects the filter from large particles and reduces the risk of sparks. Mounted on the suction nozzle of the extraction arm. HEPA Filter CFH 120 Filters the finest particles according to HEPA 14, before the air recirculates from...

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Technical information Dimensional drawing Technical data Dimensions See dimensional drawing Max. working radius: Electronics Voltage: Frequency: Power: Current: Enclosure class:: Filtering Number of filter cartridges: 1 Filter area: 14 m2 Airflow: 1,800 m³/h Sound level Standard version: With silencer • CMF SI: • CMF SE: Temperature limits Operating temperature: Ambient temperature: Transportation & storage temperature: Max. humidity: Alarm limit for cleaning Audible alarm: 600 m3/h Specifications Form of delivery The filter unit is supplied partilly assembled for easy installation. Surface...

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