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FUMEX CFE and CFE W3 are dust filters for large airflows. FUMEX CFE och CFE W3 are suitable for filtration of dry particles, such as dust and welding fumes, in the mechanical industry. For airflows from 1,000 m³/h to 12,000 m³/h. For larger airflows, multiple modules can be installed in parallel. Two versions of the filter are available: Standard filter cartridge designed for welding fumes from steel with a chrome/nickel content of less than 30% Certified filter for filtration of welding fumes from stainless steel. On-demand cleaning. The filter is supplied fully assembled from the factory. Filter replacement can take place without any contact with the dirty filter. Monitoring system via a mobile app on your smartphone is available as an option. The Fumex range also includes fans, local extraction, accessories, control units and filters Pure advantage

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Principle diagram for CFE/CFE W3 Fumex PRX local extractors are used to evacuate the welding fumes. To conserve energy and extend the life time of the filter, the extractors are equipped with automatic dampers that close when the extractors are not in use. Particles are filtered via Fumex CFE/CFE W3 type filter in accordance with standard EN ISO 15012-1, W2 or W3. The speed of Fumex FB type fan is controlled via a ST 300 pressure sensor and an SFC frequency converter. The filter can be equipped with a monitoring system that connects to an app on your smartphone to monitor the function of...

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FUMEX CFE Automatic system with on-demand cleaning On-demand cleaning, controlled by the pressure drop across the filter cartridges. The pressure drop starts a cyclical cleaning of the cartridges when the set value is reached. Online cleaning. To ensure stable airflow, the filter is cleaned during operation (so-called online cleaning). When the fan stops for breaks or at the end of the working day, the filter is cleaned (so-called offline cleaning) to allow all lightweight particles to fall into the dust collector. Control unit. The status of the cartridges can be checked by reading the...

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Design values Airflow and filter load 500 The airflow for each filter is calculated on the basis of what is known about the nature of the dust particles, the amount of dust in the air and how intensively the system is being used. Based on experience, the following filter loads are recommended. Fumes from plasma, gas and laser cutting Filter load 25–40 m³/h/m² Fumes from welding (production). Dust from fine dust and powder Filter load 50–60 m³/h/m² Fumes from welding (training, repair work). Dust from metalwork and stonework Filter load 50–80 m³/h/m² The pressure drop of the filter in clean...

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FUMEX CFE Dimensional drawing Service area Service area

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FUMEX CFE Accessories to CFE and CFE W3 CFE BW3 Flashing orange warning light to indicate that the filter’s maximum load has been reached. Supplied as a kit containing a warning light and relay box. Position in a highly visible location indoors. Included as standard for W3 type filter. Delivered as standard with CFEW3 CFE RW3 Bayonet ring for contactless replacement of filter cartridges. Supplied with rubber bands for the plastic bag. CFE PCW3 Plastic bag for contactless replacement of filter cartridges. CFE PSW3 Plastic bag for contactless replacement of dust collector. CF PRECOAT/S and CF...

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Technical data Form of delivery Filters are always delivered fully assembled. Each module is equipped with lifting eyebolts for easy handling. Installation The CFE filter is designed to be assembled before the fan. The filter must be weather-proofed with a built-in or leanto roof. Connection should be made to a circular, pressure-tight duct. Air volume filter Adjustments can be made using Fumex pressure controls or flow controls. Compressed air Air quality: Clean and oil-free air, free from condensation at the current working temperature.

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