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Balancing block and pivoting arms extractor for worksites with stationary vehicles The Fumex balancing block solution, type ASA without pivoting arm, is equipped with hose, balancing block and suspension belt. The extractor is mounted hanging from the ceiling or other high location. For wall mounting, wall bracket ASA V is available. The balancing block type Pivoting arm ASA, is equipped with a pivoting arm to serve more than one workplace; the double joint in the middle of the arm makes it cover the whole working area. Suitable for mounting on a high wall or column, the pivoting arm is available in 4 or 6.5 m length. The estimated working radius will be 6 and 9 m respectively. Suitable nozzles for the balancing block ASA can be found on a separate product leaflet. The balancing block ASA is available in hose dimensions 100, 125 and 150 mm. Standard hose length is 5 m, longer hoses are available at 2.5 m intervals. The wire length of the balancing block is 3,5 m. A longer wire is available on request. The balancing block has a gear lock - the block is pulled down to the required position, where it stays. On completion of work, the block is pulled again and returns to rest position. The exhaust extractor can be connected to a separate fan or a central extraction system. The Fumex range also includes fans, accessories, automatic controls and filters suitable for exhaust extraction. EXHAUST EXTRACTOR Pure advantages

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Exhaust gas volume Vehicle cylinder volume Vehicle cylinder volume Truck 8,0 l Truck 15,0 l Truck 20,0 l Total pressure drop (Pa) *At a mounting height of 4 m Pressure drop (completely extended hose, 5 m) 100 200 300 Air flow (l/s) Systems are normally designed for stationary vehicles, but the air flow should be selected higher than stated exhaust gas flow. The system as a whole should be designed for a somewhat higher load than stated by minimum requirements. Hose EPDM/polyester heat-resistant rubberised fabric. Spring steel coil completely embedded in EPDM-coated reinforcement. The hose...

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