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Flexible rail solution for welding extraction For a flexible welding solution, the APSrail, can be supplied with one or more trolleys equipped with the PR welding fume extractor. The unique design of the profile rail has distinct advantages for installation, during use and formaintenance: - The market’s lowest pressure drop means low operating costs. - A rubber flap naturally seals the air gap, minimising leaks. - Simple fitting of the rubber flap. - Profile edge on the rear of the rail makes fitting simpler. The PR extractor gives many important advantages: - Unique ease of manoeuvrability. - High position stability - Hood designed for maximum capture PR’s design is based on FUMEX’s basic principles with an external arm support. Fumex recommends at least one piece Ø160 mm connection, either from the side or from the back of the rail, per trolley. The rail is connected to a separate fan or central exhaust system. The Fumex range also includes fans, accessories and control devices suitable for local extractors LOCAL EXTRACTOR Pure advan

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Working radius Ceiling bracket, wall bracket and strut t a mounting height of 2.1 m and a A working height of 750 mm. Wall bracket, adjustable Powder coated steel. Max length 1.0 m. The bracket sections are joined using Layher connectors. Weight: 12.3 kg Ceiling bracket, adjustable Powder coated steel. Adjustable length, 140–2000 mm. The bracket sections are joined using Layher connectors. Weight: 1000 mm – 7.6 kg, 2000 mm – 10 kg Wall bracket Ceiling bracket Strut, ceiling or wall fixing Powder coated steel. Length 2 or 4 m. Turnable Layher connectors. Weight: 2000 mm – 7.3 kg, 4000 mm –...

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