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Exhaust fume rail for worksites with moving vehicles. APS is the optimal solution for moving vehicles. The unique design of the profile rail has distinct advantages for installation, during use and for maintenance: – The market's lowest pressure drop means low operating costs. – A rubber flap naturally seals the air gap, minimising leaks. – Simple fitting of the rubber flap. – Flexibility, the option of different hose lengths and qualities. – Profile edge on the rear of the rail makes fitting simpler. Vertical hose suspended in balancing block, available in four dimensions in the standard length of 5 m. Longer hoses are available on request. APS has manual disconnection/return on the standard design, but has automatic disconnection/return with compressed air nozzle as optional. Can also be equipped with various fan and damper controls. The rail is connected to a separate fan or central exhaust system. The trolley can be equipped with a PR extractor point as an option. The Fumex range also includes fans, accessories and control devices suitable for exhaust extractors EXHAUST EXTRACTOR

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Manual nozzle disconnection Exhaust fume rail with manual disconnection used primarily for low frequency throughflow of vehicles, plus for entry/exit through the same gate. The trolley is connected at the entrance and follows the vehicle to the exit, where it is manually disconnected. Hose and nozzle, suspended in a balancing block with catch, can be adjusted vertically. Automatic nozzle disconnection Druckabfall Automatic nozzle disconnection is primarily for private cars, where the nozzle is manually connected, and is controlled by compressed air. The nozzle is activated by a slide valve,...

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Trolley for manual and automatic nozzles Manual trolley nozzle Description Left fitted Supplied complete with: AG hose, 5m, crushable with EPDM rubberised fabric, in dimensions 75, 100, 125 or 150 mm with a max temperature of 170 °C. Trolley, powder coated steel and stainless cover plate with ball-bearing guide wheel. Right fitted Left fitted Right fitted Left fitted Right fitted Left fitted Right fitted Balancing block: Manual: 3,5 m wire. Automatic control device: Inversely progressive. Available for left (L) and right (R) fitted profile rails. Automatic trolley nozzle Item No. APS 507...

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Duct connection for side fitting 235 Duct connection for side fitting Powder coated steel. Used for air exhaust at the side of the rail Ø 160 mm. Weight: 2.4 kg Description Side duct connection Automatic control device Compressed air unit for use with pneumatic nozzle. Nozzle not included, see separate leaflet. APS 820/840M, for manual disconnection, contains wire, compressed air hose and pressure regulator 0.8 Bar. APS 820/840A, for automatic disconnection, contains compressed air hose, pressure regulator 0.8 Bar, lever valve and limit warning. Return operation Description Left rail Right...

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