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TransTig 1600 / 1700

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MAKES LIGHTER WORK OF TIG WELDING THAN EVER 8.4 KG - AN ALL-TIME RECORD There’s never been anything like it - as even the most hardened welding professional would have to agree. The 100 kHz inverter technology makes the TransTig 1600/1700 light in weight, but its integral microprocessor makes it a “heavyweight” when it comes to power. The machine can do all its predecessors could - it just makes lighter work of it. It’s as easy to use as ever - you’ll be familiar with the user interface from the Power Plus series. This product family now welcomes a new member - one that is small, light and...

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A LIGHTWEIGHT WITH A STRONG CHARACTER NEW ELECTRONIC HIGH FREQUENCY We are permanently in touch with the world of practical welding - we couldn’t keep on developing our products if we weren’t! It’s welding professionals like you who know what counts - and then tell us. This is how we came to develop a new electronic high frequency for these power sources, specially for sensitive areas of industry that use a lot of electronics and monitoring systems. The ignition repetition frequency (HFt) is adjustable and can be throttled from 200 pulses down to 1 pulse per second. This is a unique feature...

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A GREAT ECONOMISER - EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO SAFETY CUTTING COSTS The TransTig 1600’s sophisticated inverter technology gives you 90% efficiency. You’ll soon see what this means in practice - less electricity in, and more power out. Using only an ordinary 230 V socket outlet. The microprocessor-controlled power-source management also cuts your costs, by improving efficiency and automating gas flows so as to reduce your gas consumption. SAFETY FIRST NOW STANDARD This was a sensation even when it was just an option. Now it’s standard the remote-control connection. A standardised interface...

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HANDLING “Hold” function POWER SOURCE MANAGEMENT As you know, communication between the user and the machine starts at the user interface. And the dialogue has to be as simple as possible here. This is why we reduced the number of separate controls to a very few task boxes, all of them systematically grouped. Display box Functional sequence This has a great many advantages for you: Enter amperage Operating modes The gas pre and post-flow times, for example. The microprocessor takes care of exact dispensing rates for you, while of course allowing for individual requirements. Then there is...

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Anti-stick function Automatic gas post-flow (welding-current-dependent) Switchover facility between touchdown and HF ignition Energy-saving inverter technology Modular upgrades and extensions Remote-controllable Automatic burn-back control Generator-compatible Microprocessor control Security code Thermostat-controlled fan Carrying strap Welding-current setting continuously adjustable from torch Overtemperature protection TT 1600 TT 1700 Mains voltage +15/- 20% 1x230 V 1x230 V Mains fuse slow 16 A 16 A Primary continuous current (100% d.c.) 14 A 15 A Cos phi 0.99 (100 A) 0.99 (120 A)...

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