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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 1

/ Perfect Welding / Solar Energy / Perfect Charging TRANS SYNERGIC 4000/5000/7200/9000 TRANS PULS SYNERGIC 3200/4000/5000/7200/9000 MIG/MAG, TIG DC & rod electrode (MMA) welding

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 2

NOW SOME WHOLLY NEW STANDARDS APPLY GENERAL REMARKS THE DIGITAL SYSTEM / That’s the way it goes: Revolutions are either a failure, soon forgotten, or they succeed and take their place in history. Successful revolutions turn the status quo upside down. Which is what the digital welding systems from Fronius have done. In the entire industry, they were a genuine sensation. And still are. Except that today, they have moved on from being youthful upstarts to being established players on the welding scene – indeed, the digital welding systems have laid down wholly new standards: In terms of...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 3

UTILISATION RISING TO ANY CHALLENGE / The TS and TPS machines are out-and-out professionals. With a correspondingly extensive field of application. In both the craft/workshop and industrial sectors, they meet the most exacting demands. Thanks to their modular design concept, they are ideal for use in the automobile manufacturing and component supplier industries, in the fields of apparatus construction and chemical plant engineering, in the construction of machinery and rolling stock, and in shipyards. In terms of materials, each of the machines is basically suitable for welding any metal....

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 4

PERFECTION IS THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS WELDING PROPERTIES IDEALLY PROGRAMMED IGNITION SEQUENCE / What prompted the development of the digital machines was a desire to achieve absolute perfection in the welding process, and 100 % reproducibility of any welding result once this has been optimised. This may be seen first and foremost in the ignition. Both the TS and the TPS machines feature an ignition sequence that has been optimised and programmed right down to the very last detail, and that is available over and over again, in the same high quality. / Depending on the application in...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 5

MULTIFUNCTIONAL, IN TERMS OF BOTH ARC AND PROCESS / With digital machines, all sorts of things become possible. They adapt to any and every task. Particularly in the case of the arc, very different requirements may be made, depending on the application. The digital inverter power sources permit tailor-made solutions here. When it comes to pulsed arcs, for example, there is a special pulseform to go with every material. The machines function so precisely that only one single droplet of filler metal is detached for each current pulse. This results in virtually spatter-free welding, and means...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 6

START-UP PROGRAM FOR ALUMINIUM / There is an extra ignition variant for aluminium: In order to prevent fusion defects, the base metal has to start being melted right away, in the start-up phase. For this reason, ignition is effected at considerably higher power. After this, the welding power is lowered again. However, in order to avoid any risk of drop-through, it is also possible to immediately lower the welding power down to the crater-fill current. / Without start-up program fusion defects at beginning of seam Base metal: AlMg 3 Sheet thickness: 0,6 mm (0.02 in.) Filler metal: AlMg 5,...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 7

EASY WORKING HANDLING PLUG & WELD: MAKE YOUR CHOICE, AND OFF YOU GO / Right from the product-development phase, the overriding principle at Fronius is to make the machines as easy as possible to handle. The result is power sources which are pleasant for everyone to work with. Even the complex digital machines, then, are operated using the practical “synergic-mode”: One dial is all you need, to control everything. Select the material and the sheet thickness – that’s all. Then off you go! The digital power sources now automatically access their integrated expert knowledge and control the...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 8

/ 4-roller drive for precision, abrasion-free wirefeed. PERFECT INTERPLAY / If you want to exploit all these possibilities, outstanding welding properties and useful functions to the very full, then you must start thinking in terms of systems. In conjunction with all the peripherals, the digital power sources are perfectly co-ordinated, highly innovative and intelligent welding systems. Depending on your requirements, we can put together a custom welding system for you that is precisely tailored to your individual needs. SMOOTH WIREFEED / With the wirefeed, the most important thing is that...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 9

ROBOT WELDING TORCHES FOR RELIABLE CURRENT TRANSFER / The Robacta robot welding torch comes with a brilliantly ingenious feature: Forced contacting. This ensures a defined, reliable current transfer, as the welding wire is guided through the contact tip at an exactly defined angle. Random, punctual current transfers are now a thing of the past. The result: consistently high welding quality. IN THE FRONT LINE WITH ROBACTA DRIVE / Robacta Drive is a torch with an integral wire drive for robot welding. It is mounted directly on the front axis of the welding robot. In this way, the master drive...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 10

EVERYTHING IS THINKABLE, EVERYTHING IS DOABLE MAXIMISED INTELLIGENCE: RCU 5000i / The RCU 5000i is an extremely easy-to-use, comfort feature-laden remote-control unit with a full-text display. A real innovation. You can place it right next to the weldment, so that you can create and manage all jobs and characteristics “on the spot”, as well as monitoring all the welding data. It really couldn’t be easier. The RCU 5000i gives you concrete assistance every step of the way – as you need it. The other thing is that the guidance menu is structured in the same way as PC software, with a main...

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TransSynergic / TransPuls Synergic 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 7200 / 9000 - 11

EVERYTHING AT A GLANCE: FRONIUS XPLORER / The user-friendly Fronius Xplorer software is the easy way to visualize and administer networked welding systems used in automated manufacturing. / The special thing about this virtual control station is its graphical user interface and self-explanatory symbols. As well as this, the location and status of each system can be seen at a glance. For quicker handling, the software can also be operated via a touchscreen. / Controlling and monitoring your welding systems, quality management on the basis of the target and actual processdata, analyzing...

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