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TransSteel 3500 / 5000

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/ Perfect Welding / Solar Energy / Perfect Charging / MIG/MAG welding system

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/ Ever since 1950, we’ve been developing innovative comprehensive solutions for arc welding and resistance spot-welding. Like our Cold Metal Transfer technology CMT. This revolutionary welding process has swept away one old prejudice: that you can’t weld aluminium and steel to one another. Day-in, day-out, we’re working on our vision: to ‘decode the DNA of the arc’. No wonder that we’re the welding-sector’s technological leader worldwide, as well as being the European market leader. The rugged partner for structural-steel fabricators GENERAL REMARKS Always on the safe side Digital Welding...

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Built-in Fronius know-how for steel welding / Fronius takes its “Perfect Welding” claim very seriously. “Steel Transfer Technology” is the name of a knowledge package that has been specially put together for the steel market: For it, experts developed tailored welding characteristics that deliver e.g. precision ignition or perfect burn-off behaviour. / The machines come with a lot of device-related knowhow too: like the hosepack connector that is integrated directly on the motor plate in the wirefeeder. The welding wire is guided in a consistent, system-optimised way, from the wirefeeder...

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Built-in expert knowledge WELDING PROPERTIES / Perfect welding properties are the product of complex interrelationships between ignition, arc and burn-off behaviour. Steel Transfer Technology means that the TransSteel comes with Fronius expert know-how, for every steel application. A system that always gives you the optimum / Steel: This universal characteristic is ideal for making quick and easy welding settings. It can be used to cover a large part of the welding-range for steel. / Steel Root: This characteristic-setting stands for a soft and stable dip-transfer arc that delivers a...

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High-performance welding with TransSteel / High-performance welding processes for manual and mechanised installations are proven and well established in industry. Strong weld-seams are particularly necessary in steel-processing sectors like mechanical engineering and plant construction, railed-vehicle construction and shipbuilding. / The high wirefeed speed and the specially tailored TransSteel welding system together permit a deposition rate of an impressive 13.5 kg/h. / With its up to 30 % higher deposition rate, TransSteel’s high-performance power range makes it ideal for economical...

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Comfort Wire / Autonomous feeder-inching, with no need to open the wirefeeder – saves time Individual adjustment-guides / Interchangeable adjustmentguide templates for different material thicknesses make manual operation much easier Fronius System Connector / central connection-point for all media / hosepack can be locked simply and safely, with no tools, to ensure defined current transfer Fill-level window / Makes it easy to keep an eye on the coolant level

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EasyJob / For storing the power, arc-force dynamic and correction values with one push of the button Wirefeeder viewing panel / For seeing at a glance how much wire is left / Easy, operator-friendly user interface for quick operation with no need for time-consuming introductory training. The sturdy protective cover is available as an optional extra. FastSnap / Twist and pull: that’s all it takes to safely change and lock the gas nozzle Tool-holder / Individually extendable, so that the tools you need are always on board / The System Connector is the “spinal cord” of the TransSteel. All...

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transsteel robotics TransSteel Robotics – a total system / The TransSteel Robotics welding system comprises the power source with single to universal robot interfaces, an interconnecting hosepack, the wirefeeder, the new magnetic crash-box and the torch body. The components are optimised for all types of robot, and also specifically for hollow-shaft robots. / The wirefeeder is equipped with an innovative motor plate and the Fronius System Connector. This makes it considerably smaller and compacter, resulting in a much decreased obstacle contour. A retractable wirefeeder holder facilitates...

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transsteel yard / The VR 5000 Case is a wirefeeder that feels most at home in maritime environments: weighing less than 10 kg (22.05 lb) and with minimal obstacle contours thanks to its ergonomically shaped plastic housing, it fits through any manhole down to diam. 350 mm (13.8 inches) and withstands the very toughest requirements. Being so compact, the VR 5000 Case makes work easier wherever space is tight. / Compact, shockproof, portable / Ideally protected controls, thanks to optimised design / 100 % insulated against high atmospheric humidity, dust and splashwater / Available in...

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Saves space and resources / As a space-saving yet powerful version of the TransSteel series, the Compact model is of particular interest to workshop operations. Its integrated wirefeeder is another feature making the TransSteel 3500 Compact a good-value option for operations with more limited resources. / Perfect steel welding, digitally controlled, with ‘on-board’ expert knowledge. / Its compact, well thought-out appliance design makes the TransSteel 3500c a rugged and reliable partner. / TransSteel 3500 Compact – the space-saving, resource-conserving variant.

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Long life comes built-in / Rugged appliance concept for greater durability of all components / Dust filter protects the inner workings of the power source from soiling / Water filter cleans the coolant, prolonging the service life of the whole system / The use of high-strength plastic for the housing makes the wirefeeder break-proof and gives it complete, allround insulation / Thermostat-controlled fan runs only when needed, which lessens dirt accumulation inside the unit vermindert die Verschmutzung im Geräteinneren Designed for robust deployment / Slanted connector plate protects the...

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