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TransPuls Synergic 2700

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/ Perfect Welding / Solar Energy / Perfect Charging Transpuls synergic 2700 / MIG/MAG, TIG DC & rod electrode (MMA) welding GENERAL REMARKS A high-performance system / he TPS 2700 is a very special power source indeed: It T is totally digitised, so it delivers high-precision welding results. Its “synergic mode” makes it extremely simple to operate. Weighing only 27 kg, it is portable and suitable for any type of on-site/maintenance use, thanks also to its integral wirefeed drive. What’s more, it comes with just the right accessories for every possible application. From torches to cooling units to remote-control units. All exactly fine-tuned to the capabilities of the power source, and optimised as a complete overall system. Versatile professionals / The TPS 2700 machines offer an amazingly wide spectrum of possible applications. This is partly because of their portability, which makes them so ideal for the construction site, the workshop, and for repair and maintenance work. It is also due to their multiprocess capability – which means that you can weld using any welding process, be it MIG/MAG, TIG or MMA, all with one and the same machine. Another reason is that there are so many different versions of the machine for you to choose from.

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One machine, many variants / The TPS 2700 AluEdition, for instance – a solution developed specially for welding aluminium. Complete with extensive aluminium-specific functions and accessories; for classic aluminium applications or for working with very soft aluminium wires and/or long hosepacks. / Finally, there is the TPS 2700 TIG, which comes with some special TIG-welding capabilities. Like TIG Comfort Stop, for example. This function cures the arc of its annoying habit of breaking at the end of welding. Uninterrupted gas shielding is ensured, and the end crater is filled to perfection. /...

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Perfection is the measure of all things WELDING PROPERTIES Ideally programmed ignition sequence / What prompted the development of the digital machines was a desire to achieve absolute perfection in the welding process, and 100 % reproducibility of any welding result once this has been optimised. This may be seen first and foremost in the ignition. The TPS 2700 features an ignition sequence that has been optimised and programmed right down to the very last detail, and that is available time and time again, in the same high quality. / Depending on the application in question, there are...

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COST EFFICIENCY AND SERVICING It pays to be intelligent / The well thought-out modular principle of these machines not only makes them so easy and pleasant to work with, it also has a direct impact on their efficiency and ease of servicing. For instance, the Fronius welding systems have a loss-free gas supply to the torch. Take it for granted / Safety – need one say more? Every Fronius machine has to pass a maximum of testing. And this is no different for the TPS 2700. Far from it. Indeed, it offers even more safety. To begin with, there’s the earth fault-current watchdog. In the event of a...

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/ JobMaster with integral remote-control functionality / “PT-Drive” push-pull manual welding torch / The right remote-control unit for every requirement: TR 2000 MIG programmable remotecontrol unit; TR 4000 universal remote-control unit; TR 4000 C deluxe remote control HANDLING Make your choice, and off you go / For all its technological versatility, the TPS 2700 is very easy to operate. The reason is its “synergicmode” operation: One dial is all you need, to control everything. Select the material and the sheet thickness – that’s all. Then off you go! The digital TPS 2700 now automatically...

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TECHNICAL DATA Power Source GENERAL REMARKS Mains voltage Mains voltage tolerance Mains fuse protection (slow-blow) Primary continuous rating (100 % d.c.) Cos phi Efficiency Welding-current range MIG/MAG Electrode (MMA) TIG Welding current at 10 min / 25° C 4-roller drive Automatic burn-back control Automatic cooling-unit cut-out Burn-back impulse (perfect wire-end, optimum re-ignition) Continuous adjustment of welding current directly from torch Digital weld-process control Feeder creep Feeder inching, without gas or current Earth leakage detection Gas-test function Job mode Microprocessor...

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