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/ Since 1946, we’ve been developing innovative battery charging systems with plenty of enthusiasm and energy. And in 2005, we even introduced a technical breakthrough. How? By inventing our unique Active Inverter Technology. Today, we’re primarily concerned with bringing our vision to life. What we strive for: intelligent energy management systems that ensure mobility stays as economically viable as possible in the twenty-first century. Which is why we’ll stop at nothing until we’ve achieved our goal. International logistics can benefit greatly from this. After all, our battery charging...

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We‘ve been building innovative ba many years. Now we‘ve taught the / Our revolutionary technologies are constantly astounding the intralogistics sector. Because we hear what the market wants. Because we work closely with battery and forklift truck manufacturers, universities and research institutes. Because we listen to our customers. And because we transform wishes into ideas that are absorbed when we develop new battery charging systems. Userfriendliness / Preprogrammed characteristics and an intuitive display for ease of use. Sustainability / Our battery charging systems save energy,...

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attery charging systems for em to think as well. / Anyone wanting to shift the limits has to be able to think outside the box. That‘s why we‘ve combined the advantages of 50 Hz transformer technology with those of inverter technology. The result: Active Inverter Technology, which we use to teach our innovative battery charging systems to think as well. It offers you numerous advantages: Flexibility / Our battery charging systems are suitable for every conceivable application or charging process within an intralogistics environment. Whether in production logistics or distribution logistics,...

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What we offer: maximum flexibility. So that everyone can use our battery charging systems to their best advantage. / Regardless of the sector, the requirement, which type of battery or which forklift truck, whether an on-board application or wall-mounted: our flexible battery charging systems make a valuable contribution no matter where they are used. Choose between a standard charge or the I-PULS and AIR-PULS options. I-PULS employs an electronic form of electrolyte circulation that reduces charging time by about one hour. AIR-PULS is even faster: this technology works on the principle of...

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Increases the life of your traction batteries by up to 25 %: our intelligent Active Inverter Technology. / Intelligent Active Inverter Technology keeps the charging current and voltage constant, ensures that the battery charges cooler so extending the service life of the battery by up to 25 %. A source of significant added value, as a traction battery can cost several thousand Euros. Active Inverter Technology also eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled overcharging, in other words the low and precisely controlled overcharge minimises the risk of detonating gas forming. At the same...

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Our battery charging systems are extremely reliable. Which is what you‘d expect: after all, we know the demands of an industrial environment. / Our battery charging systems can be used in every type of industrial application. To ensure this is the case, we subject our prototypes to tests that far exceed the requirements of the legal standards. These then form the basis of our volume products that overcome the most challenging everyday situations. Our battery charging systems are manufactured from start to finish in our ISO-certified production facility at Sattledt in Austria. More than 60...

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We‘ve simply thought of everything. WITH YOUR SAFETY IN MIND. / We‘ve put a great deal of thought into making our battery charging systems as easy as possible to use. To provide the highest levels of safety for users, the battery and the charger. Some examples? With pleasure: Charge monitoring / The active charging characteristic monitors the entire charging process. The battery is therefore always charged in accordance with its charge status. Defective battery cells or deepdischarged batteries are detected by the charger. Plug & Charge / Simply connect the battery to the charging system,...

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Reduce energy costs by as much as 30 % and protect the environment at the same time? No problem! / These factors reduce electricity costs by up to 30 % – an invaluable advantage in these times of steadily increasing energy costs. Other benefits of Active Inverter Technology: lower maintenance costs and longer battery service life. Check out our sample calculations overleaf. / Drastic reduction of excessive lifecycle costs / In the event of a stoppage, the battery charging system shuts down completely to prevent costs being created, for example, by the display lighting or other consumers. /...

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Integrated power factor correction unit / Active Inverter Technology generates very little reactive current, so you do not have to invest in power factor correction units. See how much you can save. Two sample calculations. Fronius lifecycle costs calculator I-SPoT / Want to know how much you could save? Then take a look at I-SPoT, our lifecycle costs calculator. It considers energy costs, maintenance costs, CO2 emissions and battery service life and calculates how much Fronius battery charging systems will save you each year compared with conventional chargers. Drop us an e-mail at:...

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/ What Günter Fronius started in 1945 in Pettenbach, Austria, has now become a modern day success story. Today, the company has more than 3,000 employees worldwide and owns 737 active patents. Since the very beginning, our goal has not changed: to be the technology and quality leader. We shift the limits of what‘s possible. While others progress step by step, we innovate in leaps and bounds. WELDING TECHNOLOGY / We develop welding technologies, such as entire systems for arc and resistance spot welding, and have set ourselves the task of making impossible weld joints possible. Our aim is to...

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