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LSC: A MODIFIED DIP TRANSFER ARC WITH EXTREMELY HIGH ARC STABILITY. / The result: high quality weld seams with minimal spattering and an increased deposition rate. Because the TPS/i power source platform enables large amounts of additional information to be processed so powerfully, the process phases occurring during the short circuit (start and break-up of the short circuit) can be recognised extremely quickly. During critical process phases such as the short circuit or droplet detachment, the current is reduced as quickly as possible to create a steadier process with less spatter....

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THE TPS/i DIP TRANSFER ARC IN COMPARISON / With the development of the TPS/i power source platform, the dip transfer arc has been significantly improved. Now LSC raises the bar even higher. Less spatter and higher process stability, combined with the new stabilisers, enable extraordinary results. / As soon as the short circuit is detected the current is increased. The arc ignites at a relatively high short circuit current and high arc pressure. This can lead to welding spatter and instabilities. HIGH PROCESS STABILITY / Droplet formation / Component contact / Droplet detachment, spatter...

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LSC ADVANCED / The TPS 400i LSC Advanced power source platform was developed to open up the advantages of the LSC process for longer hosepacks as well. The integrated LSC Advanced module enables the necessary process control for the LSC process. Moreover, excellent results can also be achieved in the intermediate arc. / The LSC principle of reignition at a relatively low current level constitutes a significant difference with regard to the standard dip transfer arc. The short circuit is triggered at a low current level, which leads to soft reignition and a stable welding process. / /...

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INTELLIGENT STABILISERS FOR PENETRATION AND ARC LENGTH PENETRATION STABILISER / Due to the additional wire control, the current and penetration remain constant if the distance between the welding torch and the component changes. The arc becomes dramatically more stable, and the penetration is much more constant. WITH PENETRATION STABILISER / When the penetration stabiliser is activated, the penetration remains even, despite stick out changes. 1 / Stick out 15 mm / 0.59 in Vd = 10 - 13 m/min / 0.39 - 0.51 in/min 300 A 6 mm / 0.24 in steel / Stick out 30 mm / 1.18 in Vd = 10 - 13 m/min / 0.39...

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/ The arc length stabiliser reduces the arc length until controlled short Arc rod = 0 Arc rod = 1 Arc rod = 2 circuit behaviour occurs. / By reducing the arc length, the arc length stabiliser in the manual readjustment in the event of external interference (e.g. spray arc with LSC Universal enables stable and regular short caused by changing welding torch position, material misalign- circuit behaviour, with the arc always being maintained at the ment, changing sheet thicknesses or uneven heat extraction). same short length. There is no need for the user to carry out WITH ARC LENGTH...

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LSC ADVANCED / Inductivity is defined by the length and design of the grounding (earthing) cable and hosepack – longer hosepacks therefore lead to an increase in inductivity. Increased inductivity means more spattering and lower process stability. The TPS 400i LSC Advanced power source was developed to solve precisely these problems. The built-in LSC Advanced module inside the power source guarantees that the inductivity generated in the hosepack is diverted. This ensures a more constant droplet detachment with less welding spatter in the dip transfer and intermediate arcs. BENEFITS /...

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Hosepack length LONG HOSEPACKS / Inductivity rises with longer hosepacks.

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Wire dia.: 1.2 mm / 0.05 in Filler wire: G3Si1 U: 18.3 V I: 160 A Vd: 4 m/min / 13.12 ft/min Vs: 50 cm/min / 19.69 in/min Gas: 100% CO2 / LSC Universal delivers perfect welding results for overlapped, fillet and edge welds, as well as filler passes and final runs. BRAZING LSC ADVANCED Wire dia.: 1 mm / 0.04 in Filler wire: CuSi-3 U: 13.7 V I: 123 A Vd: 6.1 m/min / 20.01 ft/min Gas: 100% Ar Wire dia.: 1 mm / 0.04 in Filler wire: CuSi-3 U: 13.1 V I: 71 A Vd: 3.7 m/min / 12.14 ft/min Gas: 100% Ar Wire dia.: 1 mm / 0.04 in Filler wire: CuSi-3 U: 13.1 V I: 69 A Vd: 3.6 m/min / 11.81 ft/min Gas:...

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/ With challenging root passes where a higher arc pressure is required, the LSC Root characteristic impresses above all with its ease of use and perfect root formation. Wire dia.: 1.2 mm / 0.05 in U: 15.7 V I: 145 A Vd: 3.6 m/min / 11.81 ft/min Gas: Argon +15-20% CO2 ADJUSTABLE ARC PRESSURE DYNAMIC WHEN NEGATIVE DYNAMIC WHEN POSITIVE / High arc pressure / Increased root profile / Suitable for small air gaps / Vertical-down and overhead positions / Normal arc pressure / Suitable for root passes from PA to 2 o'clock / Very good weld seam formation / Low arc pressure / Suitable for PA with a...

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/ What Günter Fronius started in 1945 in Pettenbach, Austria, has now become a modern day success story. Today, the company has around 3,000 employees worldwide and has been granted more than 1,000 patents. Our goal has remained constant throughout: to be the innovation leader. We shift the limits of what’s possible. While others progress step by step, we innovate in leaps and bounds. The responsible use of our resources forms the basis of our corporate policy. SOLAR ENERGY / The challenge is to make the leap to a regenerative energy supply. Our vision is to use renewable energy to achieve...

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