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AccuPocket 150/400

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/ Perfect Welding / Solar Energy / Perfect Charging AccuPocket 150/400 / Off-grid MMA welding

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/ Ever since 1950, we’ve been developing innovative comprehensive solutions for arc welding and resistance spot-welding. Like the world’s first-ever portable, compact MMA welding unit to run on integrated lithium-ion batteries. This marriage of welding technology and rechargeable-battery technology lets users weld anywhere, whether there is a mains supply or not, and without any current cables. Day-in, day-out, we’re working at full power on our vision: to “decode the DNA of the arc”. So it’s no wonder that we’re the welding-sector’s technological leader worldwide, as well as being the...

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Technological leaps-ahead at Fronius: / Turning visions into series-productionready, cost-saving innovations – that’s what we’re known for in the industry: 1981 / World’s first-ever primary transistor-switched MIG/MAG inverter power sources 2013 / AccuPocket – portable, cable-less welding now possible for the first time 1997 / First fully digitised welding systems 2005 / CMT – first metallurgical join of steel to

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AccuBoost Technology / AccuBoost delivers marked improvements in the ignition properties, arc stability and arc dynamics. / The integral high-performance rechargeable battery momentarily delivers above-averagely high short-circuiting currents during welding, reliably minimising electrode-sticking (Y). The perfect interplay between the battery and the welding electronics also permits high welding voltage at high power. This prevents annoying arc-breaks (X). Characteristic of AccuBoost Technology Characteristic of resonance inverter Characteristic of conventional inverter Amperage [A] /...

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Welding amperage / SoftStart delivers a stable arc for basic electrodes that ignite at low welding amperages. Welding amperage / TIG Comfort Stop: A defined up-and-down motion of the welding torch vis-à-vis the workpiece causes the welding amperage to drop automatically.

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Unlimited mobility for the welder / Repair-welding high up in the mountains, field erection jobs out in the country or welding work at exposed locations: until recently, jobs like these always involved costly and time-consuming preparations. Long mains supply leads or big, heavy 8 kVA generators are now no longer necessary. Because AccuPocket ushers in a new and unprecedented era of mobile welding.

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/ There no longer has to be mains power nearby. Now jobs needing up to six 3.25 mm (0.13”) electrodes or up to eighteen 2.5 mm (0.1”) ones can be welded autonomously. For more substantial welding applications, a small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient. And without any limitations on the welding power or the quality of the arc. Far from it – thanks to AccuBoost Technology, AccuPocket welds extremely reliably and utilises its built-in power reserve to achieve perfect ignition and welding properties. Its advanced functional design – with very small dimensions, low weight and rugged build...

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ActiveCharger Intelligent charging meets high-tech welding / Fronius also has a decades-long track-record of researching, developing and producing battery charging systems. Equipped with Active Inverter Technology, these charging systems are both intelligent and thrifty, and prolong the lifespan of the battery. The ActiveCharger was specially developed for recharging the high-capacity batteries in the AccuPocket. Compact, but packed with power / Active Inverter Technology means compact design and ultrahigh efficiency. Weighing less than 2 kg (4.41 lb), the charger delivers output power of...

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Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries / 9 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries Safe high-power battery meets high-tech welding LiFePO4 – batteries / The AccuPocket’s battery is a high-performance ironphosphate-based lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of approx. 400 Wh. This corresponds to 160 cm (63”) of TIG weld-seam in 17 minutes’ welding time (130 A, ‘a’-dimension 2 mm / 0.08”) or eighteen 2.5 mm (0.1”) electrodes. LiFePO4 batteries stand out for the following attributes: / High intrinsic safety / No memory effect / Long lifespan / Low self-discharge / The latest generation of...

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Rugged charger design To withstand the rough-and-tumble of workaday practice, the charger has been designed to fulfil IP43S. In addition, the edges of the unit have been rubberised to give them extra protection. The connection-points can be covered to protect them from soiling. Low power input, low network load The mains network is subjected to significantly lower loads than is the case with mains-connected appliances. Even on a 120 V mains, the full 150 A of output power is still possible. This makes tripping of the fuse a thing of the past. Fluctuating mains voltages and voltagedrops...

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Functional design When the machine was being developed, great emphasis was placed on functional design. / Easy, 1-knob operation / All parameters are continuously adjustable / Charge-level is shown directly on the unit / Handle and carrying-strap for easier transport / Facility for winding up the welding cables / Filter grille can be cleaned tool-lessly TIG option Special TIG functions on AccuPocket TIG / Supports Up/Down welding torches / Integral gas solenoid valve / TAC function / TIG Comfort Stop / Extra torch connector Rugged power-source design Superior welding properties thanks to...

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Battery mode Generator mode Due to the low power input, a much smaller generator (2 kVA) can be used than for mainsconnected appliances. This saves on investment outlays and makes mobile applications very much easier indeed. With AccuPocket , having to use big, heavy 8 kVA generators is definitely a thing of the past. Specially for repair welding in inaccessible terrain where there is no access to mains electricity. The welding energy is obtained from the rechargeable battery only. Up to 18 electrodes (2.5 mm / 0,1”) possible from one battery-charge. The charge-level is always displayed on...

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