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/ Battery Charging Systems / Welding Technology / Solar Electronics ACCTIVA TWIN 15A / The multi-circuit battery charging system / This battery charging system is ideal for installation in a vehicle to ensure that the vehicle will be ready for action right away, even when it has been standing for a long time. The Acctiva Twin has two charging circuits, enabling several batteries of different capacities to be charged. Its intelligent electronic system monitors the charging processes, evens out differing charge states when batteries are connected in series and prevents premature failure due to unbalanced charging. The pre-programmed charging characteristic guarantees the correct charging current for the capacity and condition of the battery. PRODUCT INFORMATION / Based on Active Inverter Technology / Universal - for all batteries: conventional lead acid, lead calcium/silver or sealant type (AGM, MF) batteries, and maintenance-free lead gel batteries. / Automatic 12 V / 24 V battery voltage detection / Charge status, fault and start/stop are indicated on the LED display / Plug-in charging and mains cables / Highly efficient cooling system ensures stable operation / Both battery and vehicle are 100% safe thanks to shortcircuit protection, active reverse polarity protection, active mains voltage monitoring, automatic open circuit voltage detection (when changing a battery) plus charge phase monitoring (for faulty battery) / Charging of deeply discharged batteries possible / Up to 96% energy efficiency / FireCAN communication interfaces and a floating contact are used to transfer data between the battery charging system and the vehicle‘s electronic system; these are active in drive, standby and charge modes. The FireCAN option transmits device status and battery voltage, and can detect the following problems: reverse polarity. short circuit, battery error, charging error. The integrated error memory stores the ten most recently encountered errors. / The temperature-controlled charging option reduces water consumption and increases battery service life. / USB interface for updating battery charging system software. APPLICATION AREAS Emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles, boats, caravans, etc.

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TECHNICAL DATA TWIN 15A / When setting up a 24 V vehicle electrical supply from two 12 V batteries connected in series, the Acctiva Twin ensures that different charge statuses are evened out even if different loads are 12 V 12 V placed on the two batteries by 12 V and 24 V consumers. Charging current Battery capacity Battery voltage Charging characteristic IUoU (with pulse charge conservation) Degree of protection Dimensions (L x W x H) / The Acctiva Twin can also be used with different battery combinations: Mains fuse protection * With these battery combinations, different charge states...

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