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ACCTIVA Standard

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/ Battery Charging Systems / Welding Technology / Solar Electronics ACCTIVA STANDARD / The classic / Everything you need. The robust, energy-saving entry-level model: powerful and easy to use. For the charging and charge conservation of conventional starter batteries; no need to disconnect from the vehicle power supply. Highly compact, yet extremely powerful. PRODUCT INFORMATION / For charging and charge conservation of all lead starter batteries (lead acid, lead calcium, Ca/Ca, lead silver, gel, maintenance-free, EFB, MF, hybrid). / Maximum charging current of 20 A. / Compact design due to primary switched power electronics. / Based on Active Inverter Technology. / 100% safe for the vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery due to electronic safety, short-circuit protection, electronic reverse polarity protection, safety cut-out and thermal overload protection. / Charging of deep-discharge batteries possible. / Charging: the Acctiva Standard charges batteries gently and fully automatically until they reach their maximum capacity. / Float charging: switched-on consumer loads may be used during charging (e.g. to power demonstration vehicles in the showroom, etc.). / Back-up mode: back-up of vehicle power supplies without integral starter battery, voltage retention when changing the battery. / Conservation charging: after charging, automatic switchover to conservation charging. APPLICATION AREAS / Cars (workshop, showroom, used cars), commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, vintage cars, caravans, boats

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ACCTIVA STANDARD TECHNICAL DATA 12 - 10 Charging current Battery capacity Battery voltage Mains voltage +/- 15% IWUoU Degree of protection Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight Mark of conformity Mains fuse EMC emission class Information about options available on request. / Battery Charging Systems / Welding Technology / Solar Electronics WE HAVE THREE DIVISIONS AND ONE PASSION: SHIFTING THE LIMITS. / Whether Battery Charging Systems, Welding Technology or Solar Electronics - our goal is clearly defined: to be the technology and quality leader. With more than 3,000 employees worldwide, we shift...

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