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/ Battery Charging Systems / Welding Technology / Solar Electronics Acctiva Seller 30A / Professional power supply in the showroom / The Acctiva Seller is the answer to discharged vehicle batteries during showroom presentations. Specially developed software eliminates charge and discharge cycles, thereby protecting the starter battery. A 30 A output guarantees a reliable power supply during vehicle presentations and when handing over new cars to customers. The device works perfectly due to its user-friendliness and compact design. Product information / For charging and charge conservation of all lead starter batteries (lead acid, lead calcium, Ca/Ca, lead silver, gel, maintenance-free, EFB, MF, hybrid) and for powering the vehicle. / Power supply based on Active Inverter Technology. Specially developed software combines the benefits of a IUoU characteristic and an external power supply mode in order to charge the battery as gently as possible. This technology eliminates charge and discharge cycles in a starter battery, thereby preserving the battery capacity. / 100% safe for the vehicle, vehicle electronics and battery due to electronic safety, short-circuit protection, electronic reverse polarity protection, safety cut-out and thermal overload protection. / Plug-in charger leads & mains cables. Cables can be fed to the battery or the Acctiva Seller through the smallest openings in the engine compartment or the boot. / Edge guard makes the device slip-proof and prevents paint damage and dents on the vehicle. / The special housing design allows a T-locking system to be used (e.g. Kensington lock) to provide the best level of protection against theft. / Plug & Charge function makes it easy to use. / Energy efficient - the device has a degree of efficiency of 96%. Application areas / Compact design allows the power supply to be hidden away out of sight either underneath the car or in the engine compartment. / Fanless design allows the chargers to supply power and charge batteries quietly in the showroom. / During vehicle presentations in showrooms and vehicle premieres as well as when handing over cars, motorcycles, caravans and agricultural machinery to customers.

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Battery voltage Charging characteristic Power supply IUoU phase/standby mode phase Mains fuse Information about options available on request. / Battery Charging Systems / Welding Technology / Solar Electronics WE HAVE THREE DIVISIONS AND ONE PASSION: SHIFTING THE LIMITS. / Whether Battery Charging Systems, Welding Technology or Solar Electronics - our goal is clearly defined: to be the technology and quality leader. With more than 3,000 employees worldwide, we shift the limits of what‘s possible - our 737 active patents are testimony to this. While others progress step by step, we innovate...

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