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FRITSCH Milling and Sizing

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 3

FRITSCH is more than just a brand: It is backed by a strong, medium-sized, family business in its fourth generation, which has been firmly embedded in the region since 1920 and globally active for decades. All FRITSCH-products are produced according to strict quality criteria, and our entire production is in-house. The innovative ideas of our development department are inspired by the close relationship with our customers and their practical work in the lab. Satisfied customers worldwide count on our quality, our experience and our service. This makes us proud and motivates us. , FRITSCH....

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 4

FRITSCH Knife Mill L A B O R AT O R Y M I X E R – I N D U S T R I A L - G R A D E M I L L • Extremely fast comminution, homogenisation and mixing • Extra strong motor power up to 1250 watt • Knife blades with 4 cutting edges – up to 56,000 cutting processes per minute • Up to 1,400 ml useful capacity of the grinding vessel plus Vario-Lid system for variable volume • Variable speed settings 2,000 – 10,000 rpm, turbo function with 14,000 rpm • Continuous, reverse and interval mode • 20 SOPs can be saved, USB interface for SOP management and generation of grinding reports The quietly operating...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 5

OUR SUGGESTION All knives and almost all grinding vessels and lids are autoclavable for sterile comminution – a reliable protection against cross-contamination. Safe operation The PULVERISETTE 11 does not start until the grinding vessel and knife are inserted and the safety lock in the protective hood has been closed properly. The protective hood cannot be opened whilst the knife is rotating. The control system detects the vessel and prevents the setting of a too high rotational speed. The knife is securely mounted by a bayonet lock and cannot come loose even if the sample material is very...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 6

FRITSCH Knife Mill Reliable representative samples The PULVERISETTE 11 Knife Mill provides you a homogeneous sample in a very short time due to its special design. Each subsample which you take from any location in the grinding vessel is representative for the original sample and thus ensures an exact, significant analysis. And that for a wide range of different materials. Well-conceived down to the smallest detail Interfering contours on the inner wall of the grinding vessel force the sample material towards the middle of the vessel and thus ensuring an efficient thorough mixing during...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 7

Autoclavable Va Vario-Lid system The freely adjusta adjustable Vario-Lid system made of plastic PP fulfils two important requirements at the same time: It can be used to reduce the grinding chamber t volume down to 0 0.54 litre and to manually compress and loosen up the sample material at the beginning and at any time during comminution. Thus you always be achieve a homoge homogeneous sample in a narrow particle size range even for smaller sample quantities and for difficult-to-grind materials. The Vario-Lid system is delivered as a standa with a reduction sample pusher for moist, liquid and...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 8

FRITSCH Standard Operating Procedures SOPs Clear operation advantage: Save up to 20 SOPs Y O U R A D VA N TA G E S • 20 Standard Operating Procedures can be saved and edited • Up to 15 grinding sequences can be programmed • Practical clear text labelling • Simple operation even for changing users • Integrated USB interface for SOP management • Generation of revision-proof grinding reports A clear advantage of the PULVERISETTE 11 over comparable instruments is the possibility to program and save up to 20 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and to label them with a clear text. Instead of SOP...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 9

TECHNICAL DATA Electrical details 200 – 240 V/1~, 50/60 Hz, 1250 watt 100 – 120 V/1~, 50/60 Hz, 1000 watt Weight Net 17.6 kg Gross 39.6 kg Dimensions w x d x h Bench top instrument 32 x 43 x 48 cm Packaging w x d x h Case 80 x 55 x 65 cm Emission sound pressure level at the workplace according to DIN EN ISO 3746 LpAd = 71 dB FRITSCH-COMPETENCE A total of 4 patents have been granted for the FRITSCH Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 by the German Patent Office. (depending on the material to be ground, selected rotational speed and instrument configuration) Cookies and vitamin tablets before and after...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 10

FRITSCH Knife Mill – Accessories Standard configuration and accessories As a standard, you receive the PULVERISETTE 11 Knife Mill equipped with a 1.4 l grinding vessel made of autoclavable, transparent and scratch-resistant plastic PC, with a standard lid made of silicone and the standard knife made of stainless steel. Grinding vessels 1.4 litre Lids for grinding vessels Different knives with 4 blades Grinding vessels 1.4 litre In addition to the grinding vessel made of transparent and scratch-resistant plastic PC, we also offer a grinding vessel made of stainless steel 316L for cryogenic...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 11

KNIFE MILL PULVERISETTE 11 Worldwide at your service in 116 countries Always nearby Instrument incl. 1.4 litre standard grinding vessel made of autoclavable plastic PC, standard lid and standard knife made of stainless steel For 200 – 240 V/1~, 50/60 Hz, 1250 watt For 100 – 120 V/1~, 50/60 Hz, 1000 watt Grinding vessels, 1.4 litre Standard grinding vessel made of plastic PC 1) Grinding vessel made of stainless steel 316L1) Grinding vessel made of glass 1) Grinding vessel made of Eastman Tritan Copolyester Lids for grinding vessels 11.3203.15* Standard lid made of silicone 1) 11.3180.00...

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Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 - 12

Fritsch GmbH Milling and Sizing Industriestrasse 8 55743 Idar-Oberstein Germany Phone +49 67 84 70 0 Concept and design: Zink und Kraemer AG, Trier · Cologne,

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