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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 1

F-Line F40, F52, F60 Professional use thanks to an innovative filling technology F-LINE F40, F52 and F60 are the entry-level models in the vacuum world of FREY. They are vacuum stuffers for small craftsman production plants and butchery chains. Only few place is required for F-LINE F40 due to the compact dimensions. F40, F52 and F60 master every kind of filling such as straight-filling, portioning and linking. The large dimensions of the chambers care for your product and ensure best production results.

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 2

F-Line F40 / F52 / F60 Compact and powerful Rotor system- vane cell pump Rotor system F-LINE F40, F52 and F60 work with a well designed rotor system made of stainless steel. No wearing out problems due to a well-thought construction and a most favourable material combination. The vacuum pump is sucking off resting air bubbles (gaps) from the product. You get a perfect sausage aspect - the subsequent natural reddening is improved. Linking gear F-LINE F40, F52 and F60 are equipped with a linking gear without limits for your production. It has especially been developed for the crafts and has...

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 3

Increase the use of your F-Line Casing holder device A casing holder device DHGN for natural casings, which is easy in handling is available as an accessory for FREY vacuum stuffers. The casing holder device makes the filling process faster and easier. The casing holder DHGN2 was especially designed for natural casings. Using our casing holder devices you always get tight and solid sausages at maximum filling speed. Extra skilled staff is not required. The casing holder device is easy to asttach and can be taken off together with the linking gear. The casing tension is infinitely...

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 4

Speed control Weight input can be chosen between 0,5 and 99.999 g (in 0,1 g - steps) Preselection of pauses for portioning & linking Number of links from 0 - 9,9 turns Clip time is adjustable Normal- and continuous operation Recipe management upto 200 recipes maximum Twist delay / twist advance of the linker 1st portion makeweight Return-flow / sucking back mechanism Counter of quantity and pieces Preselection of pieces with automatic stop More than 25 languages selectable Digital vacuum regulation (F52, F60), a value for vacuum and various other data, e.g. for boiled sausages, are saved...

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 5

Powerful, practical and conforming to CE- standard Filling hopper The F-LINE F40 is equipped with a 40 liters filling hopper. The low filling height allows a power-saving charging. A gripping into the hopper is prevented by an electronically locked protection-grid. Optionally a divisible hopper with 90 liters is available. F-LINE F52 and F60 are equipped by standard with the divisible 90 liters hopper. The filling and intermediate cleaning is thereby facilitated. Thanks to the detachable accessories holder every accessory is always within reach. Drive concepts You can rarely hear the FREY...

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 6

Optimization of F52 & F60: Liftmax The FREY Liftmax is the ideal charging device for your vacuum filler. Without effort the attachable lift is raising the 120 liters standard trolley and is automatically dumpingthe product into the hopper. The connection to the vacuum filler ensures the stability with minimum space requirement. Liftmax is operated with the lift buttons on the housing door of the filling machine. Liftmax is only available mounted ex works for our models F-Line F52 and F60.

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 7

Dimensions F52 / F60 with Liftmax Mobile undercarriage Optionally a mobile undercariage is available for F Line. This undercarriage helps to transport the vacuum stuffers F40/ F52/F60 directly to the next processing step. Services nowadays are more and more gaining in importance. The reliability of our demonstrators and technicians stands for the high quality of FREY products. Our stuffers are well-thought out even in the smallest details. They are well-known for their long service life. Our trained staff gives you also advice by phone, fax or email in order to be able to help you...

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F-Line F40, F52, F60 - 8

Technical data F-Line Capacity of the filling hopper Max. performance Filling pressure up to Capacity of the chambers Filling chambers Portioning range Type of drive Connected load 40 liters 1.900 kg/h 30 bar 82 g 8 0,1-99.999 g Top Drive F40P 3,25 kW F40A 3,90 kW 3Ph./PE, Voltage/tension 400V, 50/60Hz TC 101 Control type TCP/IP interface VNC Sucking power of vacuum pump 16 m/h Machine weight (net) 380 Kg Portioning speed max. 300 port/min. Rotor extractor, outlet cleaner, grease gun, operating instructions, accessories holder (F52 & F60) Linking tubes FL. 35: 14, 20 mm, for straightfilling...

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