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F-Line F100 - F200 - 1

F-Line F100 - F200 Professional vacuum stuffers for the trade and industry F-LINE F100-F200 are designed as vacuum fillers for the trades and industrial production sites. F100-F200 are for productions with high demands on the exactness of the portions and the quality. F100-F200 masters every kind of filling such as straight-filling, portioning and linking.

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 2

F-Line F100-F200 - Innovative conveyor technology Rotary systems Frey uses large-dimensioned vane cell feeding systems with 14 filling chambers in the F-Line F100-F200 vacuum fillers. With the Peek-Cam-system a material combination is used which concentrates the wearing out on only one part of the rotor system and ensures a higher service life. The guide core is pluggable and can therefor be exchanged without tools. The rotor system works with highest portioning exactness and the new geometry of the chambers ensures an optimum sucking of the filling material. The result is an optimum...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 3

Clear advantages for F-Line users • Best product quality due to the large dimensions of the FREY meat pump • Constructed according to the „Hygienic Design“ guidelines • Excellent price-performance ratio • High filling power • Low maintenance costs due to the maintenance-free servo-drive • Fast and easy change of sorts • Low noise level due to the FREY servo-drive • High energy efficiency thanks to the most modern control and drive technology • Easy cleaning of the vacuum system • Multiple combinations with C-LINE accessories and external devices. F-LINE F100/103 is delivered with a...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 4

Drive technology of the future Servo-drive with positioning controller The servo-drive with positioning controller is trend-setting. This drive technology enables highest portioning accuracy. It is to be distinguished by a high moment of rotation and a quick reaction. The linking process is concipated extremely dynamically due to an accordant programmation of the drive parameters. Also with a very high working speed the machine cares for the sausages during the linking process. So e.g. the acceleration of the rotor system during the start and stop process can individually be adjusted....

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 5

Convincing ergonomic details Cleaning and hygiene A simple cleaning is the basic requirement for best hygienic conditions in the production. FREYstuffers therefor have smooth external contours. F-Line F-Line F100/103, F160/163, F190/193 und F200 are conforming to the CE-regulations. The splash and strike guard, which can be taken off, serves as additional protection to avoid damages made by the cleaning personal and pointed tools. The machine housing is completely made of high-quality stainless steel. The expenditure for cleaning and maintenance is very low due to the easy disassembling of...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 6

Powerful, practical and conforming to - standard Target groups F-Line F100/103 F160/163: • Handcraft to medium-sized productions Users of half-automatic clipping machines Suitable for small calibrated products, which need a high filling pressure Productions with attachments demanding high conveying apacity c Productions with high demands on the exactness of the portions and the quality Filling & portioning of convenience products Lifting device F-LINE F160-F200 can be delivered with or without a hydraulic lifting device for standard trolleys. The stirring device, which is controlled by the...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 7

DK40 DK50/DK50F/DK50S DK60 DSFK DS Station TW Neptune CWP KW6-System Metal detector BAS02 BAS02 SA AHL WS420 Hitec M-3X/F KAS KL6 COEX Target groups of F-Line F190/193-F200 PM DM FB UTB CLB CLPS PBSE WK FT PE PES PETD TDL BF PF CL BH UFK DK DSFK DS TW KW BAS SA AHL KAS KL COEX Linear OK X EF CLIP CAN WK SA TW KW PC ETH SCA Medium-sized and industrial productions Large production of sausages Suitable for small calibrated products, which need a high filling pressure Users of conveyor linking systems BAS 02SA / KAS and AHL 02 systems Productions with high demands on the exactness of the...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 8

IPC control TC 266/733 with touch screen operation LAN/WLAN/VNC Online connection Net remote maintenance FREY-Service The ultimative stuffer control system with all variety of functions consists of an industrial personal computer and a touch screen panel in the front door of the filling machine. - solid hardware industrial PC with 733 MHz and an ergonomic 12“ touch screen panel interfaces: CF Card, USB, Ethernet 10/100 Mbps online connection with your office pc via TCP/IP network connectivity powerful software without limits Logbook for the filling process and system incidents F-Line in...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 9

Weight input can be chosen between 0,1 and 100.000 g (from 0,0 - 999,9 g in 0,1g - steps) Number of links from 0 - 9,9 turns Preselection of pauses and clipping time Normal- and continuous operation 200 filling programs with table of contents Programs for cooked sausage Service- and maintenance programs Diagnosis programs Counter of quantity and pieces, preselection of pieces Twist delay / twist advance of the linker 1 st portion makeweight Speed control - infinitely variable also during the filling process Digital vacuum control optionally available is an electronic control valve for the...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 10

Increase the use of your F-Line Casing holder device A casing holder device DHGN for natural casings, which is easy in handling is available as an accessory for FREY vacuum stuffers. The casing holder device makes the filling process faster and easier. The casing holder DHGN2 was especially designed for natural casings. Using our casing holder devices you always get tight and solid sausages at maximum filling speed. Extra skilled staff is not required. The casing holder device is easy to assemble and can be taken off together with the linking DHGA gear. The casing tension is infinitely...

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F-Line F100 - F200 - 11

Technical data Technical data F-Line: Capacity of the filling hopper: Max. performance: Filling pressure up to: Capacity of the chambers: Number of rotor vanes: Portioning range: Voltage / Tension: Rotor system drive: Stirrer drive: Control type: WS Food standard interface: Total connected load max.: Suction power of the vacuum pump: Machine weight (net)*: Portioning speed max: 120 liters 3.600 Kg/h 40 bar 82 g 14 5-100.000 g 400V/50Hz Servo gear TC 266/733 serial 9,5 KW 21 cbm/h 650 Kg 600 port/min. 120 liters 3.000 Kg/h 55 bar 82 g 14 5-100.000 g 400V/50Hz Servo gear TC 266/733 serial 9,5...

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