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The specialist in filling technology Vacuum stuffers Oil hydraulic stuffers Sausage lines Convenience Food lines

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Company history 1946 Foundation of the company Frey as a manufacturer of oil mills Tradition with a future 1948 Fabrication of the first hydraulic sausage stuffer with infinite speed regulation 1950 The company moves to a new production hall in Herbrechtingen-Bolheim 1962 Steady growth makes additional office room necessary 1966 Development of the first linking and portioning automated machine with only one mobile part, awarded by the IHM, Munich 1967 building of a further production hall 1982 Frey starts using fully electronic controls in its filling stuffers 1983 Building of an additional...

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Qualität – made by FREY One of our principles is to offer long-lasting products to Since the company’s foundation, the customer has been we are always available for our customers, if demands our customers, meeting the highest quality demands. This the focus of our philosophy. This starts already with the change, either on site or at one of our test centres. is one of the reasons why we focus on a extensive vertical consulting for an adequate machine, followed by the de- Here, we try out the best solutions for new applications integration and why we produce nearly all parts of the livery and...

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Development with perspective The modelled 3D-models are directly loaded in our production machines. Here too, we consequently rely on state-ofthe-art production facilities. However the individual dedication, the famous Swabian exactness and especially the many years of experience of our employees are requested because a machine itself cannot finally criticise the work and exactness of the parts. We begin with an idea. An idea from which a market-ready That’s why we only use state-of-the-art 3D CAD software in All our machines must work at first virtually. In this way, product should result....

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• Large dimensioned rotor systems guarantee best product quality We only believe in „immediately“ • A massive construction ensures the highest hygienic standards • Production capability with maximum 11.000 kg/h • Thanks to our Servo technology, the service is reduced to a minimum • Higher flexibility due to a quick and simple change of types • Highest portioning exactness even when producing high quantities. • Our state-of-the-art control technology allows significant energy savings • The servo drive technology ensures a low noise level • A constructive composition guarantees the simple...

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Better in running things An additional increase of efficiency in the manufacturing process can be achieved by using the AHL hanging line. In combination with our BAS-systems, the sausages are taken over and are safely transported on hooks. With the servo drive, via acceleration ramps, the speed can also be adusted for sensitive products. With our BAS-systems, we can meet the need for opti- stainless steel and movable. Therefore, we accomplish the Of course, our hanging lines are movable and therefore mal sausage production with constant equal lengths and highest hygienic standards and...

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FREY – more than good, simply better Nothing for things half-done This is not only a phrase, we can also prove it. That‘s why we developed the C-LINE-form component. It is possible to set multiple doses, portions, cut and separate meat or similar products at the same time. Processing is possible with low and high pressure technology and guarantees unique product qualities. Welcome to the world of FREY-C-LINE systems. With our Sweets, cheese products or Sushi, the possibilities of use The cavity pressure is adjustable, while shelf life is machines, we meet all requirements for the production...

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• Increase of production capacity • Only few personnel necessary • A quick manufacturing process avoids the undesired heating up of the product • Vacuum forms assure a solid holding together of disc and spit • Better durability of the product thanks to the evacuation of resting air with vacuum. • Programming allows the quick and simple change of the form and size of spit • The desired content of minced meat can be directly programmed in the control • An ergonomic working place assures secure and quick further processing • Simple take-off of slices due to the mutual working knives of the...

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Thanks to the control technology of the continual circular filling process the portioning exactness can be optimally adjusted to every product and weight. Greasing effects can be avoided to the greatest p ossible extend, thus achieving an excellent quality. A simple dismounting and the automatic ‚clean in peace‘ cleaning reduce maintenance requirements. Piston stuffers for small production plants or even in- types. As the machine cares for the sausage meat, the best Industrial use demands special solutions. Solutions we dustrial production. FREY’s stuffers can handle all usage possible...

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Frey is at home everywhere in the world For us at FREY, it is very important to be This is assured thanks to our worldwide service and dis- close to our customers. Direct contact and tribution network. To be at home everywhere in the world permanent communication with our cus- and to speak the language of the user is our understand- tomer are a top priority. We are always at your proposal with a first-class and quick service. National and international, nearly everywhere in the world.

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Heinrich Frey Maschinenbau GmbH Fischerstr. 20 D-89542 Herbrechtingen Tel.: +49 7324 172 0 Fax: +49 7324 172 44

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