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T T T T T T T O O O O O O O P P P P P P P L L L L L L L E E E E E E E V V V V V V V E E E E E E E L L L L L L L > The level gauge is made from special polymers and with average thickness of 4mm. The special welding of the two components ensures perfect joining (as seen in the gure below), thus creating a very rigid and strong single piece. The holding quality of the welding is tested at a pressure of 8 bars. Also, for use on earthmoving equipment or in case of risk of knocking, provision is made for the use of polycarbonate which, subject to compatibility with the liquid used, is virtually...

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Visual level gauges - 3

T T T T T T T O O O O O O O P P P P P P P L L L L L L L E E E E E E E V V V V V V V E E E E E E E L L L L L L L > ORDERING TABLE example: TL - 127 - B - 2 - A HEAT RESISTANCE The technopolymer used can guarantee continuous use at 80C with peaks of 95аC. Level indicators usable with temperatures up to 150C can be supplied for adequate quantities. SCREW TIGHTENING M A MAX Tightening of the screws does not require calibration (or setting) since their particular conformation makes the screws press against the wall of the tank without creating stress on the level gauge body. 76-127-254...

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