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Rack and pinion gearboxes Stainless steel Outer tooth parts made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Variable stroke length Stroke length is adjustable. Two-layer coating Aluminum housing double-coated for corrosion protection Double-sealed The housing is double-sealed

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Technical data Rack and pinion gearboxes Framo Morat has developed a high-performance rack and pinion gearbox for lifting medium loads up to 0.26 metric tons. This rack and pinion gearbox is available in the standard stroke length of 250 mm. Other stroke lengths available upon request. The rack and pinion gearbox is designed for use outdoors. All parts are constructed of stainless steel or protected with a two-layer coating. This rack and pinion gearbox is suitable for a wide range of tasks, whether displacement of shading systems or other outdoor applications. Framo Morat – Rack and pinion...

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Application examples Application example Sunshades - Always ready to move Building façade engineering The facade louvers on the prize-winning "Kraanspoor" building in Amsterdam are able to move once again thanks to 1320 new, corrosion-resistant rack and pinion drives from Framo Morat. The 270-meter-long "Kraanspoor" office building was constructed in 2008 on a site previously belonging to a ship crane. The building has a double-layer glass facade, whose outer hull consists of electrically adjustable glass louvers with a silk-screened coating. They can be opened from between 0 and 90° with...

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Your idea – Our drive. You are at the focus of everything we do. Framo Morat is your partner for custom drive solutions. We offer an extensive line of products comprised of gear technology, worm gear sets, and drive engineering, covering a large range of applications. In addition to our wide selection of standard products, we also design and execute custom drive solutions. Framo Morat is your reliable partner for everything from worm and spur gears through complete gear motors to complex drive systems. We're even ready to take on your drive ideas! Gear technology Benefit from the experience...

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