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Mounting instructions Linear actuator Mini Models: 0, 01, 1, 2 & 3 Please read before carrying out any assembly work!

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Frank Milkau Frank Milkau Revision 24/10/2013 © Framo Morat GmbH Franz-Morat-Strasse 6 D – 79871 Eisenbach Phone: +49 (0)7657 - 880 Fax: +49 (0)7657 - 88333 E-Mail: Internet:

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2 General NOTICE! The installation described in these mounting instructions, as well as the modes of operation and application possibilities, are identical for all sizes. Mounting instructions The mounting instructions provide all necessary information for safe and efficient handling and mounting of the linear actuator. It is an integral part of the linear actuator and must be kept at hand, in order to be accessible at any time for the operating staff. Compliance with all safety information and operating instructions of this manual is a prerequisite for a safe work with the linear actuator....

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Mounting instructions - 6

Warnings and safety instructions The warning and safety instructions in this manual are indicated with pictograms and highlighted with a grey background. In addition, warning and safety instructions that indicate fundamental hazards begin with signal words indicating the extent of the damages. They are structured as follows: SIGNAL WORD! Origin of the hazard. Consequences in case of ignorance of the hazard. – Behaviour instructions to prevent the hazard. ► Comply imperatively with all warning and safety instructions! ► When working, always act carefully to avoid accidents, injury to persons...

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Mounting instructions - 7

Particular safety instructions The following pictograms are used together with safety instructions to indicate particular hazards: ... hazards due to hot surfaces. Risk of burns and skin injuries due to heat in case of non compliance with the safety instructions. Limitation of liability All information and instructions in this manual have been compiled taking account of the applicable standards and regulations, the latest state of technology and our many years of experience. The manufacturer shall not be liable for damages due to: ► Non-compliance with the operating instructions ►...

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Mounting instructions - 8

Customer service Our customer service is at your disposal for technical information. You can reach it at the phone number 0160 – 94184444 (please note that the usual fee will arise!) around the clock. You can get information about the contact partner in charge of your region by phone; he can be reached at any time by telefax, e-mail or via the Internet. Copyright protection This document is protected by copyright. The unauthorised transfer of the manual to third parties, copies of any kind and form, even as excerpts, as well as the use and/or disclosure of the contents without the written...

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Mounting instructions - 9

3 Safety This section presents all safety aspects for the protection of the user and of the operator against any possible hazard and for the safe and trouble-free operation of the equipment. Significant risks may appear in case of non-compliance with the stated operating instructions, warnings and safety instructions. Intended use The linear actuator is intended exclusively for the following purpose of use in the industry: The linear actuator Mini may be used exclusively for mounting in plants or machines as a driving system of machines and devices. WARNING! Hazard due to use for...

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Mounting instructions - 10

Rationally foreseeable misuse WARNING! Risk of injury due to misuse! A misuse of the linear actuator may lead to hazardous situations for persons and to serious property damages. – Refrain from any misuse of the appliance. The operator is any natural or legal person using the linear actuator or making it accessible to third parties for use, and who is responsible during the use for the safety of the user, of the personnel or of the third parties. The linear actuator is used in the industry. Therefore, the operator of the linear actuator is subject to the legal obligations concerning...

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Mounting instructions - 11

The operator is also responsible for keeping the linear actuator always in perfect technical condition. WARNING! Install safety devices! If the application does not allow excluding direct or indirect endangering of persons (due in particular to the linear movement), the operator is to take mechanical protection measures. Responsibility of the personnel The linear actuator Mini is used for industrial purposes. Therefore, the personnel are subject to the legal obligations concerning occupational safety. In addition to the warnings and safety instructions of this manual, the safety, accident...

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Mounting instructions - 12

Personnel requirements Only persons able to carry out their work in a correct and reliable way and meeting the requirements applicable to the respective case are authorised to perform any activity with or at the linear actuator. ► Persons whose reaction capability is impaired, e.g. through drugs, alcohol or medication are not allowed to carry out whatever work. ► During work, always adhere to the age and profession-specific provisions in force at the work site. Qualification WARNING! Risk of injury in case of insufficient qualification! Improper working may lead to injury to persons and...

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Mounting instructions - 13

Unauthorised persons WARNING! Risk of injury for unauthorised persons! Non-trained persons do not know the risks in the working area and are considered as unauthorised persons. – Keep unauthorised persons away fro the working area, in case of doubt approach these persons and instruct them to leave the working area. – Interrupt the work activities as long as unauthorized persons are present in the working area. Personal protection equipment Wearing safety shoes is necessary when mounting the linear actuator. Hazards The linear actuator has undergone a risk assessment. The identified hazards...

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Mounting instructions - 14

Spare parts WARNING! Risk of injury due to wrong spare parts! Faulty spare parts may affect seriously safety and lead to damages, malfunctions, and up to the total breakdown. – Use exclusively original spare parts. Original spare parts can be purchased from representatives or directly from the manufacturer. Labelling The following symbols and information labels are placed on the motor to indicate possible risks. WARNING! Rick of injury due to illegible labels! Illegible labels lead to unrecognisable risk sources and may lead to hazardous situations for persons or to damages to property. •...

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