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Hub gearbox systems Planetary gears with taper roller bearings are frequently used in applications in which high radial loads occur. With its longtime experience in gear and drive engineering, Framo Morat has developed a hub drive system based on a standard planetary gear. The custom design, which permits higher radial loads, reduces the total length of the gearbox by more than 40%. The use of standardized ball bearings contributes to cost-effectiveness. The wheel hub drive is based on a planetary gearbox with size 40 and a gear ratio of 5:1. Taking account of the application-specific loads...

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Always on the move. Stay one turn ahead with drive solutions from Franz Morat Group. Material handling (warehouse technology and conveyor technology) and automation are terms that go hand in hand in the field of intralogistics. The transitions are fluid. Constantly high quality and functional safety are the main requirements of an industry that has made it its business to provide for the safe, smooth and efficient flow of all kinds of products. Particularly in the area of controlling the flow of goods and information, a constant and dynamic transformation is occurring thanks to...

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Franz Morat Group: Your experienced partner for intralogistics solutions Application examples Custom safety gate drive for high-bay warehouses The individually adaptable Compacta MR6 slip-on geared motor, featuring a gear ratio up to 450:1, is used as a gate drive for safety locks in high-bay warehouses. In full-automatic high-bay warehouses, the drives block the entry of Automated Guided Vehicles into rack lanes where maintenance and service personnel may be working. As such, the locking mechanism must also be guaranteed to be safe in the event of a collision between the locking mechanism...

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The best of both worlds. Customized gear technology and drive solutions of both metals & plastics. Producing drive components & systems. With 100+ years of experience in the areas of gearwheel technology, worm gear sets and drive systems, Franz Morat Group supplies a comprehensive range of products that cover a wide spectrum of applications. In addition to our complete range of standard products, we also design and implement custom engineered drive solutions. Franz Morat Group is your reliable partner for worm, spur or planetary gears, complete gearmotors and complex drive systems – and for...

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A long standing process of progress. Deriving motion from energy for more than 100 years. Combining local expertise & global presence. Since the founding of Franz Morat GmbH in 1912, gear and drive engineering has been in a continuous state of development at the company’s headquarters in Eisenbach, Black Forest. Today, the Franz Morat Group is a globally operating manufacturer of high-quality drive solutions for many industries and applications. The company counts over 600 employees and runs subsidiaries in the United States, Turkey, Poland and México. Providing industry expertise &...

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