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Following the sun. Customized drive solutions for the solar industry.

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The driving force… Capture the sun … Every day, the sun sends immeasurable amounts of energy to the and servicing effort. Thus with drive solutions from Framo Morat, earth, though we have to ‘capture’ this energy first in order to be at the end of the day both the energy balance and the cost able to use it. Drive systems from Framo Morat ensure that this is achieved as effectively as possible. With both photovoltaic modules and solar thermal energy sys­ tems, the aim of achieving maximum energy exploitation through the course of the day requires precise alignment to the sun. Solar tracking...

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Drive Solutions for the solar industry - 3

…for your success. …with drives from Framo Morat. Framo Morat is the right partner for the successful capture of Our drive solutions are developed and produced in-house accor- sun­ight. Our drive solutions for the solar industry include all l ding to customer-specific requirements – allowing optimum necessary components, from the drive and its gears, through ful­ lment of customer needs. Whether for photovoltaic or solar fi positioning systems, to control electronics. thermal systems, drives from Framo Morat guarantee you maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As the leading European...

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Drive Solutions for the solar industry - 4

A turn for the better. Stay on the sunny side with our 1- and 2-axis PV tracking systems. Azimuth and elevation adjustment Solar cells work most effectively with vertical light incidence, so the module’s energy yield can be optimized with 2-axis adjustment. Whereby east-west alignment, following the path of the sun, is described as the azimuth adjustment, and the vertical align­ ment according to the position of the sun above the horizon is called the elevation adjustment. Azimuth adjustment Elevation adjustment • rom 0.01 r. p.m. F • otational clearance R from 2 angular minutes 10 tons •...

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Drive Solutions for the solar industry - 5

Drive solutions for photovoltaic systems 1- or 2-axis tracking systems are used to Tracking drive for PV plants increase the effectiveness of photovoltaic plants. They align the PV module horizontally and vertically to the sun (azimuth and elevation adjustment). Framo Morat has developed special drive systems for this purpose – in which all components, from the drive housing to the cable, have been specifically designed for harsh outdoor operation. • zimuth adjustment through A self-locking worm gears • levation adjustment through electromechanical E linear actuators • ow power requirement...

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Drive Solutions for the solar industry - 6

Precise – to the minute. Our highly accurate CSP mirror adjustments provide you with a rich crop of sunshine. Parabolic channel collectors Solar tower plant with heliostats Fresnel collectors In parabolic channel collectors the incidental sunlight is directed towards a fixed absorption tube (through which a thermo-oil is flowing) via a parabolic curved mirror. The oil that evaporates as a result of the consolidated energy runs a current generator. A singleaxis tracking mechanism is used to adjust the para­ bolic channel collectors (arranged in a north-south alignment) from east to west. In...

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Drive Solutions for the solar industry - 7

Drive solutions for CSP plants In the case of solar thermal energy generation, the tracking task involves aligning reflec- Tracking drives for CSP plants tors towards the sun in such a way that the sun’s beams are precisely focused on a focal • Single-axis tracking with Fresnel or point (in solar tower plants) or a focal line (in parabolic through and Fresnel collectors). Even minor deviations of a few angular minutes can impair the solar energy yield so that particularly precise and reliable tracking systems are required for CSP applications. The position of Fresnel reflectors must be...

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Drive Solutions for the solar industry - 8

Your idea – our drive. For us, everything revolves around you. Framo Morat is your partner for customized drive solutions. In the areas of gearwheel technology, worm gear sets and drive systems we supply a comprehensive range of products that cover a wide spectrum of applications. In addition to our complete range of catalogue products, we also design and implement customer-specific drive solutions. Framo Morat is your reliable partner for worm, spur or planetary gears; complete gear motors; and complex drive systems – and for your drive concept too! Spur gears With us you profit from the...

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