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Access Control at the Interlock with The FRANK Industrial Access Control Solution: • Prevents unauthorised access and unauthorised line shut down. • Simple installation and integration to a network, using your existing ID cards. • Easy management of access permissions. System Network Switch FRANK Enabled Unit PLC Local Controller Master Controller Unit Network Connection Master/Local Link Event Logging and Insights

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FRfflMK Offers Three Solutions for Industrial Access Control Unauthorised access to manufacturing areas can cause unnecessary machine downtime. Enforcing training plans reduces risk to valuable equipment. Cell access is often uncontrolled allowing anyone to request to enter. Mechanical access keys require management. FRANK ensures locations are only accessed by authorised personnel, protecting uptime in manufacturing. Existing ID cards can be utilised. Productivity Insights Without recording event information, identifying root cause and corrective actions is problematic. It can be difficult...

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System Overview Fortress Fortress Configurable Form Factors The FRANK RFID module can be located in any available slot, delivering all the configurability of a regular pushbutton. User can specify card type (e.g 125 Hz), to use existing ID cards and System topology design outputs to visualise that access has been granted. System topology Monitor a Range of Environments As well as monitoring the entrance and exit at a cell, FRANK modules can monitor for identification at any point of your process. Simple inputs to the PLC mean that access to a HMI PLC can be granted or inspections can bePLC...

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Fortress Implementation Topology System topology Manufacturing Line Control Room Control Cabinet Manage Users User ID User Name Card Number User Name Status Enabled Enabled Maintenance Operator User D User Name Level Maintenance Operator Status Enabled Maintenance Operator User D User Name Level Maintenance Operator Status Enabled Maintenance Operator Maintenance Operator Master Controller Local Controller Local controller provides robustness and line-side communication Master controller syncs local controllers for central management Bit Input Mapping Bits Description [Button / Switch]...

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FORTRESS ACCESS & CONTROL Protecting People, Protecting Productivity FR® ))}NKA Halma company Fortress Interlocks Ltd +44 (0)1902 349000 Fortress Interlocks Europe +31 (0)10 7536060 Fortress Interlocks USA +1 (859) 578 2390 Fortress Interlocks Pty Ltd +61 (0)3 9771 5350 Fortress Interlocks China +86 (021) 6167 9002 Fortress Interlocks India +91 8657445479

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