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MatriX - 1

The universal one box platform, unifying all your RVI inspection needs Connect, Control Edit, record, communicate

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MatriX - 2

The INVIZ® MATRIX One case, multiple benefits STAND ALONE Simplifying analogue to digital video conversion while unifying documentation, data processing and storage. CONNECTING TO DIFFERENT RVI INSPECTION EQUIPMENT Improving the operation and inspection processes, enhancing image quality and result interpretation while unifying documentation and data storage. COST REDUCTION Reduce costs, inspection time and increase productivity! :: REDUCE HARDWARE Just one visualisation, documentation and storage unit necessary. :: SHORTEN POST PROCESSING Avoid time consuming handling and conversation of...

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MatriX - 3

CONTROL AND UTILIZE ANY INVIZ® INSPECTION CAMERA INVIZ® SNK pan & tilt, INVIZ® Revolver 80 dual view and endless revolving camera, INVIZ® BIG push camera system, INVIZ® tube inspector will perfectly be controlled by the touch screen and Joystick of the unit while you get the unbeatable image and software performance known and transfered into the MATRIX from the industry leading INVIZ® VUMAN® Videoendscope concept. CONNECTING / CONTROLLING REMOTE VISUAL INSPECTION OF VESSELS, STORAGE TANKS & BIG VOLUMES :: INVIZ® SNK pan-tilt-zoom camera :: INVIZ® Revolver 80 dual view camera with endless...

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MatriX - 4

Perfect documentation onto the robust and large SSD drive or onto any external USB drive. Stores hundreds of digital videos or millions of high resolution images offering a easy and save back up option. Add additional audio commentary to your digital inspection pictures Image Presentation Analysis Communication & Documentation Data Storage Use all image manipulation and editing features for your digital inspection videos and images. Image Presentation Benefit of the high resolution digital image presentation on the inter- A simple graphic user interface the box to become a full featured...

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MatriX - 5

The optional protective foil ensures a clean display, protecting the LCD touch screen from dirt, moist, scratches and other potential damage. Control the pan & tilt INVIZ® SNK and INVIZ ® Revolver 80 with precisely adjusted joystick. Easy to use and mobile control panel with high resolution 10.4“ LCD touch screen. Perfect image quality with 1024 x 768 px touch screen, full text generation, easy digital still and video recording, file management at the touch of your finger. Digital videos and images for error analysis and Help on board: Never get lost with the complete The adjustable, high...

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MatriX - 6

OPTION AC POWER PACK / OPTION BATTERY PACK Option AC power pack Option battery pack OPTION INVIZ® SNK / INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 PACK Three different docking bays allow operations with a battery or power supply or enable to connect the INVIZ® SNK and INVIZ® Revolver 80 inspection systems with the INVIZ® MATRIX. Option INVIZ® SNK / INVIZ® Revolver 80 pack The power to drive big tank and vessel inspection systems such as INVIZ® SNK and INVIZ® Revolver 80 up to 50 m cable length (optional up to 200 m / 640 ft. on viZaar®’s patented slipring cable reel). The INVIZ® MATRIX docking bay concept Offering...

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MatriX - 7

INVIZ® MATRIX 96 VAC – 256 VAC / 47Hz – 63Hz / max. 100 Watt (max. 220 Watt with optional INVIZ® SNK and INVIZ® Revolver 80 pack) Environmental Specifications Housing Video input Video output System memory Features 9.34 kg / 20.59 lbs (weight not including LCD control panel and docking bays) Operation temperature 5°F to +118°F (-15°C to +48°C) | Storage temperature -13°F to +150°F (-25° to +65°C) | Relative humidity max. 95%, non condensing Impact resistant HDPE/HWU plastic, aluminium profile with plastic edge protection PAL or NTSC composite and S-Video, auto detecting Analog VGA PC to...

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MatriX - 8

viZaar Industrial Imaging - North America National Operations Center Pittsburgh, PA USA Fon: (724) 449-3270 Fax: (724) 449-3273 viZaar industrial imaging AG Vertriebs- und Dienstleistungszentrum Rhein-Main Fürfurter Straße 105 65606 Villmar-Aumenau / Germany Fon: +49 (0) 64 74 / 88 37-70 Fax: +49 (0) 64 74 / 88 37-90 viZaar South-East Asia Sdn. Bhd. 2A Lrg Desa Utama Jln Masjid Kayu Ara PJU 6 47400 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia Fon: +603 - 772 217 10 Fax: +603 - 772 217 10 FORT SA 3 rue Lambert Zl de la...

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