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Focused Photonics (HangZhou) Inc. No. 459, Qianmo Road, Binjiang District Hangzhou China 310052 Tel: +86 571 8501 2188 Fax: +86 571 8501 2188 http: //www.fpi-inc.com/en/ HW 20191110V1P1 FPI WHITE PAPER Smarter Tech Greener World

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FPI GROUP World leading ambient VOC solution provider, Netherland World leading water quality analyzer manufacturer, Italy Comprehensive Environment monitoring instruments and service provider listed organization with more than 5000 employees control system operation, maintenance service, across the world. FPI group’s business covers detection, consultancy service and environment process and environmental analytics, scientific governance in the fields of environmental protec- instruments, consultant and engineering project. tion, laboratory, iron and steel industry, oil and gas industry,...

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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT POWER R&D center possesses over 60 lab rooms for design, started production in 2018. It covers a total area of develop and test. The center has contributed 6,000m2 and is equipped with more than 20 technology platform to all FPI products including complete production lines consist of quality inspec- mass-spectrum, chromatography, fluorescence. tion, laboratory, testing, storage and other facilities. Current annual productivity has exceeded 20,000 FPI new manufacture has been established and sets. The second phase expansion is on its way. FPI has more than 1,000 R&D...

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BUSINESS OUTLET PROCESS FPI is committed to technological innovation in past decades. With combined experience in the process control, FPI provides different measurement solutions to help plants optimize process, enhance safety and generate additional value in a wide range of applications such as iron & steel, power, oil & gas and refinery. FPI has thousands of references worldwide to prove its competence in terms of technology and service, especially in iron and steel plants. In an iron and steel plant, the use of process analytic is required at several locations of the plant with different...

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Laser Gas Analyzer Non-contact design of the in-situ LGA series adopts TDL technology, combined with continuous purge, result in virtually maintenance-free operation, with reliable performance in high temperatures up to 1500℃. The fast response time (<1s) of the analyzer Dust filters Iron ore enables effective process control. Importantly, the Sinter plant extreme monochromaticity of laser spectrum Coal preparation ensures there is no interference from other gas Dust filter Coal dust silo Blast furnace Coal Coke oven gas Coke oven Host stove Coal mill Converter plant Oxygen Pig Iron 2 Sulfur...

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FPI designs and produces a complete range of state of flue gas and dust monitoring system, sampling system, data acquisition system for the continuous emission monitoring in varies industries like power plants, cements, paper plants and waste incineration. EMISSION Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) are used to monitor flue gas emissions from industrial plants to comply with federal and state @ air emission standards. FPI’s emission monitoring solution is backed up by multiple technology platforms including UV DOAS, NDIR, FTIR, XRF with selective sample conditioning system based on...

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Inorganic Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS-2000 B is a multi-gas monitoring system designed to measure emissions from various industrial combustions. The adoption of hot-wet extractive method avoids the loss of content during sampling. System is extendable with additional parameters upon request, integrated with data acquisition system (DAS) to upload to the DCS or environmental authority server to demonstrate environmental regulatory compliance of various industrial sources of air pollutants. VOC Monitoring System EXPEC-2000 VOC combined gas chromatography and dual back flushing...

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Standard Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System Fully integrated system for standard gaseous parameters including, SO2, NO₂, CO, Ozone, PM2.5, PM10compliance to US EPA reference or Standard AQMS Mobile AQMS Micro Sensor equivalent method with high performance zero air generator and dynamic dilution calibration enables online calibration function. Volatile Organic Compounds Analyzer VOC-100 analyzer is an online gas chromatography analyzer designed with the dual-valve dual-column FID detector to detect volatile organic compound in ambient, stack and field applications. Solution Carbon Analyzer...

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Water Quality Online Analyzer WOAS-1000 is the latest masterpiece done by FPI, it consists of sampling module, sensors, power distribution unit and data processing unit. The complete integration makes the system can be adopted in various water matrix. WOAS-1000 can be installed both indoor and outdoor with additional solar panel unit, which gives the system sustainable power supply and WATER QUALITY non-attendant operation. FPI adopts both chemical and optical method for online water quality analysis in the form of stationary and buoy. Product experts have designed various configuration for...

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SupNIR-2700 SupNIR-2700 series is infrared analyzing equip- Scientific & Laboratory The story of FPI starts from laboratory research and development on spectrometers. Based upon these experience, FPI has expanded to complete range of scientific instruments of Mass-Spectrum, Chromatograph and Spectrograph technology. Typical ment, it uses Holographic digital grating and high sensitivity InGaAs detector (TEC constant temperature cooling). The sample analysis is based on the diffuse reflection model, and the wavelength range covers 1000-2500 nm. It is widely used in feed production, grain and oil...

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United Kingdom Netherlands United States Overseas Subsidiaries Obtained the US EPA designation & the TUV certification FPI established a local service team to short customer needs of pre-sales and after-sales: localized team, FPI can ensure on-site mainte- from inquire and site inspection to operation and nance and technical support in time. FPI Service provides suitable services for all distances and improve service efficiency. With

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