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Incineration Emission Monitoring (Fertilizer, Aluminum, Chlor-alkali and more) System Features ⊙ HCl, HF(and/or NH3), single component, dual component, or multiple components selectable by using alternative Laser analyzer or FTIR. ⊙ CEMS all-route heat tracing (120℃-180℃) from probe, sampling line through to gas cell. ⊙ Cross-stack LGA ensures no sampling no measurement loss and very low detection limit. ⊙ Patented probe features overlaid filtration holes, internal/external dual back flush and corrosion proof lining. Componets SO 2, NO X, CO, CO 2, O 2, Dust, Temperature, Emission: Incineration Fertilizer Aluminum Chlor-alkali ... Oil & Refinery, Chemical, Coating, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor ... Incineration, Non-ferrous Metal, Cement, Chemical, Coal fired boiler ... Heavy Metal Elements Pressure, Flow rate, Humidity

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