FPI AQMS-3000 Micro Environmental Air Monitoring System Mini station


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Big Data Application Location of Key Pollution Area Intensive Monitor in Key Area All of the site information and monitoring data being shown on the GIS map in real-time, to achieve the statistics and comparison of environmental air quality in different area of different types, functions and period of time, to find the law of pollution change and positioning the most polluted area and period of time, to provide more timely and effective basis for environment enforcement and decision-making for government. The key pollution area and points shall be monitored online for 24 hours continuously to quickly catch unusual emission and make actions in time. Spatio-temporal Evolution Visualization Tracking&Warning of Pollution Based on Big Data Real-time distribution map and daily dynamic change map of each monitoring factor within the monitoring area are automatically generated to provide data support for pollutant migration study. Perform pollution source analysis and pollution impact warning based on pollution monitoring and meteorological monitoring. AQMS-3000 Micro Environmental Air Monitoring System Application Fields ● Environmental monitor of urban residential areas, key industrial enterprises and other area with fixed pollution sources. ● Environmental monitor of road traffic, catering, agricultural production and other unorganized open space. ● Monitor of Boundary transport of key pollution sources. ● Monitor of intercity pollutant transport channels. ● Indoor environment monitor in buildings. Focused Photonics (HangZhou) Inc. 760 Bin'an Road, Binjiang District Hangzhou 310052 China Tel: +86 571 8501 2188 Fax: +86 571 8501 2188 http://www.fpi-inc.com/en/ Establish regional high-resolution monitoring network, realize fine management of atmospheric envi

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Data application Product Background The traditional monitoring way of atmospheric pollution sources is challenged by increasingly complex atmospheric pollution, the current state controlling monitoring systems of ambient air fall short of goal of Fine Control due to the limited number of points, high cost and lack of timeliness, and also fail to perform the functions of time and space dynamic trend analysis, pollution emission reduction assessment, pollution source tracking and early warning. Combined with rich experience in atmospheric environmental monitoring technology, FPI developed the...

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