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Empowering what matters. Empowering hoses.

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EMPOWERING WHAT MATTERS. Your business flow partner Empowering what matters Empowering hoses Empower your system

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That which sometimes makes the best solutions not the most complex ones, that which makes everything run smoothly. The magic that is found inside the people who help us to move forward, the magic that connects everything that matters to us without effort, the same magic that makes any challenge have a solution. This is how our hose solutions can be defined.

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Accompanying you in improving the performance and efficiency of your business thanks to our expert team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience. We are specialists in consulting, design, development and production of technologies that improve industrial hot melt adhesive processes. Present in more than 40 countries, we bring all our knowledge and all our technology to make process automation accessible, improve the performance of operations, increase the quality of our products and reduce the cost of maintenance, gaining agility and boosting your operations and business. We...

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Improving the performance and efficiency of your processes. Thanks to our support, engineering and training services, we will be at your side to take care of what you care about most, and help you to go further by doing impossible things. Developing proprietary technology that drives every part of your adhesive bonding process, through complete systems or the improvement of individual parts. We work every day to help you be a part of everything around you, connecting your world with your customers', your products with people's lives, what you do with what really matters.

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EMPOWERING WHAT MATTERS. 3. Your businessflow partner 17

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3. YOUR BUSINESS-FLOW PARTNER Because when you find the combination you need, it's magic. We accompany you so that your business keeps flowing, so that your production doesn't stop, so that there are no problems with your operations. Because when everything goes as it should, everything flows. Thanks to our extensive experience, our team of engineers, and our wide range of technologies, we will help you find or create the best solution to help you achieve your goals and boost your business. We are at your side to help you find or create the best solution that suits your needs and helps you...

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EMPOWERING WHAT MATTERS. 4. Empowering what matters 21

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4. EMPOWERING WHAT MATTERS Arion, Meler’s hose solution was created to boost your production capacity. The first specialist in improving the performance and efficiency of your hot melt adhesive transport processes. Thanks to its 3FORCE technology, you will discover a new versatile, efficient and powerful way to improve your results, systems and processes. We provide you with the widest and most innovative range of hot melt adhesive transport solutions, with the best specialist team to help you find a solution for every need of your business. With a single goal, to take care of what matters...

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We have the widest and most innovative range of solutions on the market, evolving and growing to provide new answers to your new needs. We have a solution for each of your challenges: ARION HANDY ARION QUARZ ARION RHYTHM ARION POWER ARION BOLD ARION CIRCLE ARION AKUA ARION VERSA ARION INFERNO

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ARION ESSENTIAL TO IMPROVE YOUR PROCESSES The best way to automate your processes is to make everything flow. A versatile, affordable and efficient solution that will help you improve the performance and safety of your adhesive application operations. Perfect for everyday use in all types of applications. The perfect solutions for everyday use. The essential hose if you want to take the step to improve your processes and your results, in a simple, agile and efficient way. M Qfii Improves Adaptation Increases performance systems your results USES Specialized in: Applications: Wide variety of...

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ARION HANDY TO FOCUS ON DETAILS Because even the best talent sometimes needs help. A simple, safe and reliable solution that will help you to improve those processes that need a high level of detail, and that we apply manually today. A new possibility to improve what we do, making people and machines merge. The solution you need for manual applicators. Facilitates application Operator protection Improves process efficiency Increases the quality of your product ARIONby meler USES Specialized in: Assembly / Mattresses Applications: Manual operations. Details and good finishes Markets:...

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5. EMPOWERING HOSES CHARACTERISTICS e tur era p ARION VERSA Working atmosphere Adhesive treatment For when space is an issue. Sometimes space is a problem when it comes to improving our operations and processes. Optimising the available production space and reaching places where others haven’t to make your processes more efficient and improve the quality of your products, is what these solutions are known for. Specialized in: Packaging Applications: Small installations Markets: Textiles, Automotive, Packaging, Assembly, Mattresses, Wood, Graphic arts, Construction. Reduced diameter hoses to...

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ARION CIRCLE TO KEEP EVERYTHING FLOWING Because we should have zero impact on the industrial environment. For a longer service life, to solve application problems, and to have more autonomy in processes. A solution designed to reduce the maintenance of your operations, improve the pace of them, and protect the quality of our products. A removable hydraulic core that will make it easier to repair, reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and control the flow of adhesive. A circular solution, which improves the impact on our environment, with a more responsible, efficient solution to reduce...

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ARION QUARZ TO DO THE MOST DEMANDING TASKS Because making an effort is sometimes not enough. A robust, resilient and high-performance solution that will help you in demanding processes and operations. Almost indestructible for jobs with high resistance, wear and tear, chafing or danger of breakage. Improve your efficiency, reduce your maintenance costs and provide greater flexibility in your production for a resilient business. The hose designed for installation on cable chains. Hoses produced with a specific external mesh to withstand friction or abrasion stresses that give them a longer...

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