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Fluytec spun filter cartridges are made with 100% polypropylene thread and provide a large contact surface for minimum pressure drop, high retention capacity and high filtering ■ Food and drink industry. ■ Reverse osmosis pre-treatment. ■ Solar heating industry. Depth filtration Surface filtration is achieved by a filtering medium (generally very fine) the pores of which are essentially smaller than the size of the particles to be trapped. Thus solid particles are retained by direct interception on the surface of the filtering medium. This filtration is very sensitive to preferential paths and can cause an escape of solids when the filtering medium On the other hand, in Fluytec depth filtration the filtering medium is thicker and its pores are smaller, equal to or greater than that of the particles to be retained. In this case, as well as direct interception, phenomena of initial impact and/or diffuse interception occur that allow particles smaller than the pores in the filtering medium to be retained. Detail of a Fluytec Polyp ropy lene Cartridge Core Depth filtration with Fluytec wound polypropylene cartridges.

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wound polypropylene cartridges* Physical properties Filtering medium: Polypropylene Core: Polypropylene, stainless steel Maximum operating temperature: 80°C Differential pressure for replacement: 1.2 bar at 20°C Coupling: Double Open End* Packaging: Cardboard boxes on pallets "Other special couplings to order. Order code Filtering medium: Polypropylene Core: Polypropylene Stainless steel Degree of micron density or nominal filtering Special measurements to order. Example: 4PP-50 40" cartridge (1000 mm) with filtering medium and core of polypropylene and nominal filtering degree of 50 urn....

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