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filtration technologies PLEATED HIGH FLOW SERIES FILTER CARTRIDGES Description ■ Depth pleated structure, combination of multiple media, high dirt holding capacity and absolute micron rating. ■ 100% Polypropylene construction suitable for Water, Amine and wide range of chemical solution filtration. ■ Greater filtration surface area per cartridge, high flow rate, low delta pressure and longer service life, low filtration operating cost and labor cost. ■ Absolute (β ratio 5,000) Retention Rating from 1 to 40 µm. ■ Inside to outside flow pattern, captures all contaminants at inside of filter element, preventing dirt release on changing cartridge. ■ Greater filtration surface area per cartridge, longer service life, significantly reduces the waste disposal for incinerator, more environmental friendly. ■ Suitable for high liquid filtration, such as Cooling Water Filtration, RO Pre-Filtration, Seawater Desalination, Amine Circulation Filtration and all kinds of chemical solution filtration. ■ Install with HF FTP High Flow filter housing, saves space and equipment cost. ■ Manufacture in Class 10,000 clean room environment. Specifications ■ Retention Rating: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 40 µm Absolute. ■ Recommended Operating Flow Rate: ■ Dimensions: - Outer Dimension: 6” (152 mm). - Length: 40” (1,016 mm), 60” (1,524 mm). ■ Material of Construction: - Filter Media: Depth Type Multimedia Polypropylene. - Core/Cage: Polypropylene. - O-Ring: EPDM, VITON, Silicone, Teflon Encapsulated. ■ Operating Conditions: - Max. Operating Temperature: 60 ºC (140 ºF). - Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure: 2.1 bar a 20 ºC.

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pleated series filter cartridges (high flow) Typical applications ■ Food and Beverage. ■ Seawater Desalination. ■ Cooling Water. ■ Industrial Water. ■ RO Pre-Filtration. ■ Amine Circulation Filtration. ■ Process Water and Waste Water Treatment. ■ Chemical Resistance. Pleated High Flow Cartridge is made by thermal bonding process, no any additives and surfactants are used, low extractable. Polypropylene has a wide range of chemical resistance to many solvents, based and acids, users should check the chemical compatibility before use. Please be aware that this product is not guaranteed for...

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