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® filtration technologies FTP LC BL SERIES CARTRIDGE FILTERS (GRP FILTER HOUSING) Compact boltless solution for low flow filter housings

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t ftp le bl series cartridge filters Igrpl Fluytec GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester) LC BL cartridge filters provide optimal behaviour with water of various General Description The bodies of these filters are designed according to the Ad-Merkblatt design code from pressure vessels and are made European Standard for Pressure Filters. possible to design equipment for different nominal pressures to order. The internal parts in contact with the water are of various plastics and, when of metal, are suitably plasticised. The seals are designed for easy replacement and The bodies have a...

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ftp le bl series cartridge filters lgi< Cartridge installation The bottom of the cartridge is located on the guide pipe, the base of which has a perimeter flange to seal the bottom end of The top is closed with a part exclusively designed and manufactured by Fluytec called "teat" which is pressed against the cartridge by the spring between it and the top and/or filter lid - Figures 2 and 3 -. This system ensures the perfect sealing of the cartridge, making it impossible for the fluid to pass through any place other than the filtering medium (the end purpose of the Possibility of design for...

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Other products in this range: ■ FTI series cartridge filters (SS, CS) ■ FTPV series cartridge filters (PVC) See our Web site for other design criteria Fluytec solutions worldwide ¡ •

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