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Fluytec - 2

"Water is the principle, of the element of all things" Becoming a supplier of solutions beyond circumstantial products and services requires knowledge, training and latest generation technological equipment. These are the conditions that have allowed us to collaborate directly with numerous branches of engineering in developing filtering solutions in highly complex projects and highly varied environments.

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Fluytec - 3

Our solutions are a reflection of the know-how that allows us to be present world- wide, based on the leadership achieved in the Spanish market and the results of a modus operandi supported on three basic pillars: 1. Engineering that can develop any required filtering solution. 2. Wide experience in all types of geo-climatic environments and fields of application. 3. A quality policy certified as per ISO 9001, that provides us with processes designed for excellence and the achieving of our objective of meeting our clients' needs. A deep knowledge of the reality of the world of filtering...

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Fluytec - 4

More than 30 years of experience in researching and manufacturing new equipment and innovative responses are our guarantee and provide us with references in multiple fields of application: desalination, purifying, drinking water treatment for human and agricultural uses, process water for the food industry, power generation, photographic

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Fluytec - 5

Desalination (sea water and brine) Reverse osmosis Reversible electrodialysis Water treatment IDrinking water (DWTP) I Re-use (WWTP, IWWTP) Industrial and process water and effluents Petrochemical industry Chemical/cosmetics industries Paper industry Photographic industry IPower generation iNuclear power plants (Conventional power plants IThermal solar power plants Process water Electro chlorination Milk production Beer and soft drink production Juice production IHorticultural irrigation ICereal irrigation filtration technologies fluytec

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Fluytec - 6

Processes An entire range of products developed to solve any filtering process: untreated water filtration 10 Filtering par ticle 100 (μm) 0.01 0.1 ultrafiltration 0.001 nanofiltration 0.0001 reverse osmosis micro par ticle Nanofiltering molecule microfiltration ion Ultrafiltering 1.0 Microfiltering filtered water 6 fluytec filtration technologies

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Fluytec - 7

Cartridge filters Automatic backwash filters Basket filters/strainers Filter elements Wound polypropylene Membrane technologies filtration technologies fluytec

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Fluytec - 8

Our philosophy is based on applying two simple but essential fundamentals: product quality and service for our clients. We study their filtering problems in detail and propose the best technical and economic solution using processes and procedures certified as per ISO 9001 in a management system that features continuous improvement. All the information required for knowledge, transport, installation and commissioning of Fluytec solutions is available to our clients at www.fluytec.com.

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Fluytec - 9

Fluytec has supplied equipment for projects with a combined production capacity of over 10,000,000 m3/day, a direct consequence of its outstanding leadership in the Spanish market and, increasingly, its international presence. Some important references of projects showing our presence world wide: Country Capacity mVday Sorek SWRO Aruba SWRO UDEM Ténès Baix Llobregat Sant Joan Despi Águilas Guadalentín Rabigh IWPP Hamma SWRO Bahia de Palma SWRO Trinidad and Tobago SWRO Netherlands Antilles South Africa Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia filtration technologies fluytec

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Fluytec - 10

Accumulated production capacity of projects in which Fluytec has participated in the last 10 years: Installed power (accumulated) fluytec filtration technologies

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Fluytec - 11

Over 80% of the projects in which Fluytec has participated are for the desalination of sea water using reverse osmosis technology. filtration technologies fluytec 11

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