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filtration technologies FTAUR SERIES FILTERS (AUTOMATIC BACKWASH FILTERS) The ideal complement for Ultrafiltration as RO Pretreatment

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ftaur series filters (automatic backwash) Introduction Fluytec Automatic Backwash filters allow continuous filtering together with a backwash process. This equipment is especially appropriate for applications in which filtering continuity is a key parameter. They are specially designed to work with sea water and ultrafiltration plants. General Description The GRP (other materials under request) bodies are designed according to the Ad-Merkblat code and manufactured in compliance with the European 97/23 CE, S.3.3 standard for pressure vessels. Stainless Steel filter elements (from AISI316 up...

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ftaur series filters (automatic backwash) AIR DRAIN The operating basis of the Fluytec Automatic Backwash filter (FTAUR) is the pressure difference between the untreated water chamber and the drain pipe outlet. This pressure difference is an operating parameter that must be defined and rated in the differential pressure gauge. Once the pressure difference has reached this value, the solenoid valve is operated to start the backwashing process. Filtered liquid FILTERED LIQUID CHAMBER When the solenoid valve opens, a vacuum pressure is caused inside the filtering element being washed, dragging...

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Subject to change without notice. Other products in this range: ■ FTI series cartridge filters (SS, CS) ■ FTPV series cartridge filters (PVC) ■ … See our Website for other design criteria Fluytec solutions worldwide

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