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Industry Maintenance manager • Corrosion in rotors and stators • Equipment part N° • Cable pulley/pulley slots condition • Liquid channel inspection • Material integrity Assets • Pumps • Motors • Gear boxes • Compressors • Turbines Heavy duty Industrial maintenance team • Clogged pipelines • Cracked industrial fluid lines • Condition of large waste lines • Ventilation ducting Assets • Sewer lines • Industrial pipelines • Off shore structural components • Industrial HVAC systems Production Mechanical maintenance teams Automotive Quality assurance manager Preventive maintenance simplified. Rework eliminated. Save time and improve the reliability of your maintenance data by wirelessly syncing measurements using the Fluke Connect® system. • Eliminate data-entry errors by saving measurements directly from the tool and associating them with the work order, report or asset record • Maximize uptime and make confident maintenance decisions with data you can trust and trace. • Access baseline, historical and current measurements by asset The Fluke DS703 FC is part of a growing system of connected test tools and equipment maintenance software. Visit www.flukeconnect.com to learn more about the Fluke Connect® system. • Quality of finished goods • Inspect bearing surface and lubrication • Gear helix inspection Assets • Factory MIA goods • Conveyors • Roller bearings • Production line rotating machinery • Gear boxes • Quality/reliability testing of casting goods • Piston dome/cylinder/valve condition • Inspect for crack, chips and contamination in HP chambers Assets • Casting goods • Combustion chambers • Engines Aviation Aircraft maintenance technician • Inspect blades for chips or cracks • Engine hot section contamination • Foreign/loosened micro parts • Leakage from lubrication lines Assets • Engine sections • Airframes • Flaps • Turbines • Hydraulic lines • HP sections FLK-3.8MM Scope, 1M Probe, Forward View Scope Gritty, industrial, expensive equipment? Diagnose before tear-down with the durability of Fluke

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Fluke DS701 Diagnostic Videoscope Rugged, industrial 800 x 600 resolution diagnostic videoscope with dual view probe. Inspection camera with 7” LCD screen for accurate diagnostics in difficult to reach spaces. Adjustable LED lighting and digital zoom for quality images. Intuitive user interface with easy to navigate button technology. The benefits of a videoscope are well known. But industrial inspections require a powerful diagnostic videoscope designed to stand up to the dirtiest, most harsh environments. • High definition probe with dual-view camera • Processing speeds that render a...

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