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Volute pumps for hot water up to 180°C SIHISuperNova ZHND 032160 ... 150250 - 1

Volute pumps for hot water up to 180°C SIHISuperNova ZHND 032160 ... 150250 PUMPTECHNOLOGY ZHN P I / 40 133.64810.53.01 E 02/2005 TECHNICAL DATA Output: max. 600 m³/h Delivery head: max. 95 m Speed: max. 3600 rpm Medium temperature: max. 180 °C Casing pressure: PN 16 Shaft sealing: standard mechanical seal uncooled Flange connections: DIN EN 1092-2 PN 16 Sense of rotation: clockwise, when looking at the pump from the drive end APPLICATION The volute pumps of the series ZHND are part of the overall programme heat transfer and circutation pumps. They are primarily used for circulation of hot water in closed pipe and vessel systems. Therefore their fields of application are the energy production, the heat transport and the industry and here mainly in systems where hot water as heat carrier is given preference, despite its high system pressure, over oil as heat carrier. DESIGN Horizontal, single-stage volute pumps with dimensions and nominal ratings to EN 733 in back pull out design. The series ZHND has especially designed for the trouble free handling of hot water up to 180 °C and is distinguished by: • A heat barrier that causes an optimal energy consumption by the pump and reduces the temperature level in the mechanical seal chamber to less than 80 °C without external cooling circuit (see temperature curve on page 3). The service life of the mechanical seal increases considerably. • A special design that automatically leads accumulation of gas to exhaust. Consequently the dry operation of the mechanical seal can be excluded. • A programme that comprehends 22 construction sizes and thus guarantees an optimal solution for every operating point. • The back pull out design, which permits the removal of the complete, bearing unit towards the drive end without removing the pump casing from the pipe work. If a spacer coupling is installed it is also unnecessary to disconnect the motor. CONSTRUCTION Casing pressure max 16 bar from 0 °C up to 180 °C Please note: Technical rules and safty regulations. max. casing pressure = inlet pressure + zero head max test pressure = 21 bar Flange location: Axial suction flange, discharge flange radially upwards. Flanges: The flanges comply with DIN EN 1092-2 resp. PN 16. Flanges drilled according to ANSI (previous ASA) 150 can be supplied. Hydraulic: Designation of this construction type: A or B Bearing: One grease lubricated antifriction bearing to DIN 625 and one internal liquid flushed sleeve bearing. Designation of this construction type: .A Direction of rotation: Clockwise, when looking at the pumpfrom the drive end. Shaft sealing: Code BJ3: Unbalanced standard mechnical seal Seal face materials SIC/carbon Elastomer EPDM

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Volute pumps for hot water up to 180°C SIHISuperNova ZHND 032160 ... 150250 - 2

2 Material design: Material Execution Item Components EN US denomination materialnumber EN material-denomination DIN materialnumber DIN material-denomination ASTM Standard AISI 1B 10.20 16.10 33.00 volute casing casing cover bearing bracket EN-JS 1025 EN-GJS-400-18-LT 0.7043 GGG 40.3 A 395 X 21.00 shaft 1.4021 X 20 Cr 13 1.4021 X 20 Cr 13 A 276 Type 420 420 X 23.00 44.10 impeller casing for mechanical seal EN-JL 1040 EN-GJL 250 0.6025 GG 25 A 278 Class 30 X 43.30 mechanical seal SIC / carbon X 52.90 54.00 sleeve bearing SIC / SIC X Casing gasket: The casing is sealed by a flat gasket of...

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Volute pumps for hot water up to 180°C SIHISuperNova ZHND 032160 ... 150250 - 3

3 Sectional drawing and nomenclature 10.20 volute casing 16.10 casing cover 21.00 shaft 23.00 impeller 33.00 bearing bracket 43.30 shaft seal 44.10 casing for mechanical seal 52.90, 5400 sleeve bearing curve of temperature decrease Heat barrier / shaft seal / bearing / feet arrangement Heat transfer installations have achieved a high level of technical development. Consequently the requirements on the pumps handling heat carriers have increased regarding operating safety, environmental protection, maintenance and operating costs. On the basis of many years experience and latest technical...

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Volute pumps for hot water up to 180°C SIHISuperNova ZHND 032160 ... 150250 - 15

15 Data regarding pump size Any changes in the interest of the technical development are reserved. Type + Pump size Hydraulic + Bearing Shaft sealing Material desing Casing gasket A= hydraulic 1 B= hydraulic 2 2= confined flat A= grease lubricated reinforced BJ3= unbalanced standard 1B= main parts of gasket of antifriction bearing and one internal mechanical seal spheroidal cast iron graphite with liquid flushed sleeve bearing A4 insertion 032160 AA 032160 BA 032200 AA 032200 BA 032250 040160 040200 040250 050160 050200 050250 065160 065200 065250 080160 080200 080250 100160 100200 100250...

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Volute pumps for hot water up to 180°C SIHISuperNova ZHND 032160 ... 150250 - 16

16 S t e r l i n g S I H I G m b H Lindenstraße 170, D-25524 Itzehoe, Germany, Telephone +49 (0)48 21 / 7 71 - 01, Fax +49 (0)48 21 / 7 71-274

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