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133.21801.52.01 E PUMP TECHNOLOGY CBT 09/2005 Volute Casing Pump additional sizes to those of ISO 2858/EN 22858 CBT• 100160...350400 TECHNICAL DATA Output: up to 2200 m3/h Delivery head: up to 160 m Speed: max. 1500 until 3000 rpm depending of the pump size and material execution Medium temperature: max. 350 °C Casing pressure: until 25 bar Shaft sealing: stuffing box or mechanical seal Flange connections: PN 16 or PN 25 Optional drilled PN 40, ANSI RF 150 or ANSI RF 300 Sense of rotation: clockwise, when seen from the drive on the pump APPLICATION Series CBT• volute-casing pumps can be used where the requirement is for pumping of clear or slightly dirty or even corrosive liquids. Series CBT• pumps are therefore suitable for use in the: chemical and petrochemical industries pharmaceutical industries plastic and rubber industries ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries paper and cellulose industries textile industries food and drink industries thermal power stations municipal water supply and irrigation particularly in applications in: all processing plants, pumping of acids, brine and alkalis and all types of hydrocarbons, surface treatment and surfacing hardening of metal, e. g. galvanizing, anodizing, phosphatizing, desalination and extractions plants, in heating engineering for circulation of water and other heat transfer fluids, water treatment and supply, treatment of industrial effluents. DESIGN Process type, single-stage, volute casing pumps with design features and nominal rating to ISO2858/EN22858. For pumping of liquids with high temperatures (200ºC) special executions with centre line feet are available (RBT•) upon request. The process design permits dismantling of the complete bearing unit towards the drive end, without the pump casing having to be disconnected from the piping. If a spacer coupling is used it is also unnecessary to disconnect the motor. The list comprises 20 pump sizes, with maximum interchangeability, these are covered with four bearing housing sizes. CONSTRUCTION Sizes with single volute casing: 100160, 125200, 150200, 150315, 150400, 150500 200250, 200315, 250300, 250315 Sizes with single volute casing with diffuser: 150630, 200630 Sizes with double volute casing: Remaining sizes. Casing pressure: Material execution: GG GGG Stainless steel Temperature: -10 to 120 ºC Temperature: -20 to 120 ºC 16 25 25 16 16 Temperature: 120 to 200 ºC 16 10 Please note: Casing pressure = Inlet pressure + shut off head. max test pressure = GGG 33 bar; GG and SS 21 bar Branch positions: Suction branch axial, discharge branch radially upwards. Flanges: DIN 2533 PN 16 for GG25. DIN 2534 PN 25 for GGG-40.3. DIN 2543 PN 16 for stainless steel. Flanges can be supplied drilled to ANSI Bearings: One oil lubricated deep grove ball bearing to DIN 625 on the pump end, two single-row angular contact ball bearings in an O arrangement on the drive end. • Oil level control by constant level oiler as standard. • Bearing brackets are optional equipped with tapped holes for installation of temperature/vibration sensors. • Oil bath cooling can be provided.

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2/11 Shaft sealing: The sealing of the shaft can be effected by a stuffing box or a mechanical seal, as required. Variants with stuffing box: Designation 021: Uncooled stuffing box with external sealing (inlet only). Temperature range: up to 110ºC. Designation 041: Self-sealed uncooled stuffing box. Temperature range: up to 110ºC. Designation 501: Stuffing box designed for intensive cooling. Temperature range: up to 210ºC Designation 521: As 021 but with cooling jacket on casing cover. Temperature range: up to 350ºC. Attention: Not all of the shaft sealing executions may be available for...

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Volute casing pump CBT - 3

3/11 SECTIONAL DRAWING AND PARTS LIST Single volute casing pumps; bearing bracket 45 B Single volute casing pumps; bearing bracket 55 Double volute casing pumps Pumps with diffuser PARTS LIST 10.20 Casing 16.10, 16.20 Casing cover 21.00 Shaft 23.00 Impeller 33.00, 35.50 Bearing bracket 50.20, 50.21 Wear ring 52.30 Shaft sleeve for mechanical seal 52.40 Shaft sleeve for packing 10.20 23.00 16.10 33.00 21.10 50.20 50.21 52.40 50.21 52.30 50.20 21.10 23.00 16.10 33.00 16.20 10.20 35.50 16.10 52.30 21.10 10.20 23.00 50.21 50.20 23.00 16.10 21.10 33.00 10.20 52.40

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Volute casing pump CBT - 6

6/11 TABLE OF CONECTIONS XIa XIe Xa XIf XIb Xb VII IX XVI XId XIc XVIIa XXX XV XVIIb XXX II I XII Bearing housing 45 B Lagerträger 45 B Soporte 45 B IX XXX XV XVIIb XXX XVI XVIIa XIc,d Bearing housing Lagerträger Soportes 55-65-75 Bearing bracket Pos. Connections 45 B 55 65 75 I Pressure gauge G 1/4” 1) G 1/2 “ 1) G 1/2 “ 1) G 1/2 “ 1) II Pressure/vacuum gauge G 1/4” 1) G 1/2 “ 1) G 1/2 “ 1) G 1/2 “ 1) VII Drain G 3/8” G 1/2 “ G 1/2 “ 2) G 3/4” IX Leakage liquid connection G 1/2” G 1/2 “ G 1/2 “ G 1/2 “ Xa Sealing liquid - inlet G 1/4” 4) G 1/4” 4) G 1/4” 4) G 1/4” 4) Xb Sealing liquid -...

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Volute casing pump CBT - 10

10/11 DATA REGARDING SIZE - ORDER HINTS Position Characteristics Code Explanation 1-3 Type CBT horizontal, single - stage volute casing pump with design features and nominal rating to ISO2858/EN22858 based on the process principle. 4 Construction A or E 5-7 Size 100 - 350 Diameter of discharge nozzle 8-10 Diameter of impeller 160 - 630 11 Hydraulic A D E F 1º hydraulic (simple volute) 3º hydraulic (double volute) 4º hydraulic with diffuser type E 5º hydraulic with diffuser type F 12 Bearing configuration R One deep groove ball bearing on the pump side, two angular ball bearings on the...

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Volute casing pump CBT - 11

11/11 Sterling Fluid Systems www.sterlingfluidsystems.com

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